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A Poem On How Pots Makes Me Feel


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Hi Everyone,

After I got sick, I found I enjoyed expressing myself, and how having POTS makes me feel, with poems. I thought I would share one with you guys. I hope you like it.


Feeling Pain

I feel as though I have lived my life, for all the world to see.

The Judgments and criticisms they?ve come so easily.

But why can?t they see that this pain is real in me?

Many live a sheltered life, seeing only their point of view.

Never understanding, I have feelings too.

They?ve never had to sacrifice, or walk alone in pain.

I wonder if I will make it, or just hang my head in shame.

Doing things I used to do, aren?t so easy anymore.

Becoming more frustrated, I just hide behind my door.

Watching others live a life, and wishing it could be me.

Wishing my heart didn?t break quite so easily.

I know that others suffer, I know that others hurt.

You do not need to tell me, that I am not the worst.

When someone pricks their finger, or slams it in a door,

Do we stop to tell them that others have before?

Just a measure of compassion, without measuring my pain.

Will someone please just hear me, or will you leave me in the rain?

By Suzy Mozelle

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thanks for sharing. i know that writing - poetry & otherwise - has been a great outlet for me over the years. whether it's something you share with others or something that's "just" for you i encourage you (and anyone else reading this) to keep it up to the extent that your heart desires.

;) melissa

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