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This Flu Is Pure Evil

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but now I have that headache again at the back of my skull, the nausea has returned and I'm back to eating toast for dinner. Teri got mad at me for not eating more nutritiously over the weekend and told me toast wasn't good enough...so I said, "okay, I'll have CINNAMON toast". Ugh. My body just doesn't know what to do with itself--I was so wiped out from my day at work, which was not horrible, that I fell asleep as soon as I got home, and slept until almost 7pm. Anyone have any tricks on how to get over this thing???? As if having POTS/NCS wasn't enough to make me exhausted on a day to day basis--and I already used a bunch of my sick days last week.

Okay, rant done for tonight. I suppose I should be happy that I was able to limp along for a few days without feeling quite this rough--I even took a short walk in the local park and took some pix on Sunday...and we helped a friend pick out a shelter dog as a companion. I'm wondering if maybe I didn't give my body enough time to rest?

I've got to get myself together to walk up the stairs and take my meds so I don't forget--and then off to bed. Getting up in the morning ought to be quite a treat in the morning, even more lovely that it usually is :) and that was totally sarcastic in case you weren't sure.


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Hi Nina,

So sorry you are not feeling well. My mom and husband have both had the stomach flu that has been going around (I haven't got it knock on wood), they have been wiped out from it, and they don't have the added pleasure of having dysautonomia. (I do sarcasm too!!) My husband has hardly ate, and what he does eat doesn't stay with him for long. I hope you get feeling better real soon.

Healing Hugs


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So sorry MM, I know this bug is VERY EVIL. My husband is on his third antibiotic, and it seems like my younger 14 month old granddaughter has had a runny nose since Sept.! Daycare is really struggling to keep the kids from getting sick. Lots of parents trying to find alternative care-------(I don't know who wants to watch sick kids----but someon has to--- :):huh: .

I'm still struggling with a cough, and congestion. I don't think much can be done about this. My husband is on antibiotics to prevent it from turning into a full blown upper respiratory infection. He's out in the elements all day long delivering mail, and sometimes working nights doing taxes. He has to keep himself from calling in sick. The post office doesn't like sick calls---------they actually harass carriers for taking sick days. No one with POTS would make it at the post office-----not as a carrier anyway. They run them like cattle----------or try to.

I know having your evil virus on top of POTS/NCS can feel pretty unbearable. It's horrible! Everything gets worse! My cough alone causes my neck and spine pain to get much worse. My BP was so low, even sitting. I coudln't believe how weak I got. I noticed drinking gatorade helped quite a bit. The problem was that I didn't have an appetite, and the gatorade felt like it was sloshing around in my gut. I sipped it slowly, and it helped.

I hope you feel better soon!


Maxine :0)

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thanks all...I had to work today but tried to take it more slowly, drink more water, and I had some ginger tea with me that's made with crystalized honey. Still not tolerating eating very well and the headache is at a dull roar tonight as opposed to yesterday's 2x4 wack on the head. I am trying my hardest not to use my days right now b/c my dad's surgery is Weds next week and if I need to be up in NY, I don't want to be taking them as days without pay.

I have some rice noodles cooking and had rice crackers at lunch...so can't go any easier than that on the ol' tummy, eh?

thanks for the support--I think that's all I need right now b/c nothing else helps, but at least knowing you all know what it's like to have an illness on top of your chronic illness is just plain hard. I'll take the virtual hugs. :) good medicine.

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