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Stroke And Ttt Test

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Hi all, not posted in a while, hope everyone is as well as they can be at this time. Before if I had any questions they were answered by reading others posts, which I do on a daily basis. However, I recently suffered a small stroke during a TTT test. I was admitted to the stroke unit for over two weeks, had numerous test and the care I received was amazing. I am now home and I feel extremely lucky as I was told I would make a full recovery. The tests I had revealed small vessel ischemia which was due to a lack of oxegen to the brain. The reason I was given for this happening was that my heart did not work properly at the time of the TTT test. When I went to my GP she said I had small vessel diease :blink: which freaked me out because this can lead to dementia. Has any one else ever experienced anything like this or knows if this is somehow related to POTS.

Liz B.

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Hi Liz,

I don't know the answer to your question, but it's a very interesting one and I hope someone else here on the forum may have some insite. Just wanted you to know that I'm glad you are ok and sorry that you went through what must have been a very frightening experience. It's a very interesting question because so many people with POTS seem to have issues with both vasodilation and vasoconstriction. I do wonder if there is a connection. How did your GP make the diagnosis of small vessel ischemia? Could this be seen on CT scan or another test you had while in hospital?

Take care,


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How frightening. I'm pleased to hear you received good care and are on the mend.

I have no first hand knowledge of this, but I've had a little look on the Internet and it seems that small vessel ischemia is the cause of about a quarter of all strokes. They don't know what the precise mechanism is, but there are thoughts that some people have inherited different cells lining their blood vessels and this predisposes them to small vessel ischemia. I doubt there is information on POTS to say whether this type of cell irregularity occurs, but my gut reaction from what I do know as a layperson is I wouldn't expect there to be a connection with POTS.

One thing to bear in mind is that high BP is a trigger for strokes so I guess you already know to keep that under close check.

Best wishes

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Oh, my! That must have been scary! I am glad that you were in such good hands and that everything has turned out well. I have not heard of anyone having a stroke before during a TTT, but it makes sense that if you are stressing the body so much, and you have a disease that predisposes you to this kind of event that this could occur. I would think that it is more likely that for you POTS is brought on or worsened by the small vessel disease, and not that POTS/dysautonomia makes you more prone to small vessel disease.

Hopefully now that you have this extra information and what sounds like great drs. that you will find some helpful treatment!


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I'm very sorry to hear that this happened. Do you know if the small vessel disease is in your brain or your heart? I think the current undestanding is that women are more prone to develop problems in the small vessels than the large arteries--so that we, for example, can have chest pain that is the result of narrowed vessels, but not the big vessels that can be seen during a catheterization. I believe this has caused quite a stir in the medical community.

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Guest tearose

I am so sorry for this terrible incident! I am happy you are still with us. Are you feeling any different?

I hope your cognitive skills return. Please wear compression and try as many behavior modifications you can.

Do you have any of these symptoms during your day without being put through such rigorous activity?

There have been times I have felt this vessel issue may be one of mine. I did trigger PSVT during my last ttt. I do get serious complications after pushing my body beyond its ability. I have also wound up in the ER (Mayo) after a stress echo needing IV, pain meds and was incapicated.

Please do not dwell on the damage you may now have. I clearly understand. Try to use what you have intact and help yourself as much as possible.

I feel your concern though, I will keep you in my meditations for your healing to continue.

best regards,


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Hi everyone, thanks for you all support, thoughts and prayers, it is very reasuring. The answer to the questions asked in a few of the posts are, small vessel ischemia is in my brain and was identified by a CT Scan. Over the past few months I had terrible headaches and when my blood pressure was checked following the stroke it was HIGH, which is very unusual for me because it is normally soooooo low!! My blood pressure appears to have settled again and is dare I say it normal ! Anyway as I said previously I am on the mend. I have changed my diet, lost some weight, and in general taking better care of myself. I do have a very stressful job, working with the Child Protection Team, which over the Christmas period was extremely hectic and I was really stressed, so maybe it was that or as I was told by nursing staff sometimes there is no reason. I receive full salary on sick leave so I intend to stay off for a few months. I am looking forward to my next appointment with my cardiologist as she was with me when it happened so I have a few questions I'm going to ask. I will let you all know if I get any answers.

Take care all and I will keep you all in my prayers.

Liz B

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