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Hi! What Does All This Mean?


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I recently FINALLY got some of my results back from some of the ANS testing I had done. I was wondering what it all meant for people like us? How does it help to know this? Anyone have similar results??? I know the terminology (what TPR, Cardiac Output, SV etc. means from multiple exercise phys. classes), but in the big picture, when looking at other things like associating it with POTS/Dysautonomia, what does all of this mean? If you have had similar test results, what are common treatments?

So, what does this mean??? :blink:

From blood volume test-

Red cell volume moderately reduced and plasma volume mildly increased. Total blood volume is normal.

Reduced Hematocrit

Hemodynamic tilt results-

Hyperkinetic circulation while supine

Rapid pulmonary transport time

Increased cardiac index

Stroke volume of 100 mL to 39 mL (supine to 5 min. tilted)

Reduced TPR and normal EF

After tilt the blood volume distribution ratio fell by 44.5%.

TPR disclosed poor compensatory response of 33 uM2

Cardiac index fell to 2.309 L/min/M2

BP went from 116/66 to 105/63 mmHG

HR went from 76 to 114 bpm

Also, had abnormal QSART results (like before) and with "normal" TTT had normal BP response, but HR increased over 30 bpm (but not sure how much).

Any help deciphering this would be greatly appreciated!!! :blink:

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Sorry I can't help you with what your test results mean. I am getting what I think are the same tests next Friday. Did they send you copies of your test results or how did you get them? Also, did you do all the tests in one day and what were they like?? If I remember right- I think you posted about your test experience before, but with my foggy,soggy brain-I'm not sure. :blink: (I know we have PM'd about Cleveland.)

I'm sure somebody on here will be able to interpret your results and definately quicker than you will probably hear from your doctor. :blink:

Best wishes that knowing the results will help formulate a treatment plan that helps you feel better.


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Hi again!

I am even further confused after looking more at my GTT with insulin results.

Fasting: Glucose 87 mg/dL Insulin 7.4 uU/mL

30 min: Glucose 189 no insulin tested

1 hr: Glucose 152 Insulin 193

2 hr: Glucose 70 Insulin 56.6

Anyone know what this means? It seems like the numbers are all over, and that the insulin gets pretty high. They had said it was normal, but after finally actually being able to see the numbers in front of me they look screwy.

If anyone has any idea to what the ideal "normal" is or any overall idea to what all of this means, let me know! :( Because I am confused. :blink:

Thanks!!! :blink:

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Thanks for your replies!

I put a call in to the dr. for more explanation, but still have not gotten any more info.

From what I understand it looks like I am don't have a decreased overall blood volume- which is good! :)

From the low hematocrit and low red cells, I think that show that I am anemic. - Not really new info. for me, but something I guess to work on. B)

So, a SPECIFIC question: Does Hyperkinetic Circulation= High Blood Pressure or is it more of an overall, everything is working faster than it should while supine?

Anyone else know what THEIR stroke volumes are supine vs. tilted upright? The 100 mL to 39 mL seems like a large change... No wonder I felt awful! B)

It also looks (from what little I know) that the test does back up the EDS/veins not properly returning blood flow back to heart when upright. ??? (from decreased TPR and poor compensatory response).

Anyone know if the blood distribution ratio number dropping by 44.5% indicates blood pooling???? Does that mean that 45% of my blood pools??? :)

I am still not sure about the GTT/insulin levels either. The numbers seem high? I have wondered if the results indicate that the insulin OVERSHOOTS and then brings the glucose down TOO low. For me a glucose of 70, I am already having a decent amount of hypoglycemic symptoms. So, it is not necessarily low, but for me much under 100 I start to have symptoms. The endo. blew off these results, and pretty much me in general. I probably won't see them anymore...

Thanks for the help!!!



I had to work hard to get the drs dictated letter for my appmt. I did not have exact printouts of the results, just the letter. You won't likely get the results the day of- I didn't. Mine seemed to take a while, like two weeks. And I still have to request a copy of the actual results. If you do a search for me or look back a little bit you should find the thread on what I experienced testing wise. It was a rough day, but not impossible. Not sure what you have scheduled and when though. So, it may be different. I really just went in there with a relaxed attitude, and that whatever will happen, will happen, and deal with it as it comes.


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Does Hyperkinetic Circulation= High Blood Pressure or is it more of an overall, everything is working faster than it should while supine?

Your blood is circulating too fast when you are supine.

Anyone know if the blood distribution ratio number dropping by 44.5% indicates blood pooling???? Does that mean that 45% of my blood pools???

Your blood left the main blood vessels when you were upright.

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I got more of my results back. It does say that I have normal blood pressure while supine, but that there is supine hyperkinetic circulation.

Also, there was borderline supine venous pooling...

So, for one I don't understand how you can have all three of these... it seems counterintuitive... ?????

Also, I know that for me lying down does not solve everything... I guess this is why. But, it seems odd to have so many abnormalities SUPINE, when I thought that we were supposed to be more sensitive to upright postures...?????

I guess this may also be part of my problem with sleep... I wonder if there is ANY good postition to be in? (if not supine, sitting, or standing... maybe I need to hang upside down like a bat??? :P;) )

Anyone else have so many issues supine??? :P

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