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Left Hanging After Neuro Tests.. Not Sure How To Follow Up


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OK.. I left a post while back on not being sure what my DX was after auto testing. Verbablly the docs RN told me some tests were in normal range.. and others were not. Make sure I get enough water and salt..and see my PCP for cardio tests and narcolepsy tests.

I felt he abandonded me..till I went to get my records. Turns out he is trying to save me money but NOT following me..and having my PCP follow me with his suggestions of Clonidine maybe in the patch form..but he's not sure the beta blocker and Clonidine will be tolerated. He see an Autonomic Dysfunction syndrome..along with possibly Sjogren's and Narcolepsy with cataplexy. HE knows my insurance comes with using docs and and clinics withitn the health company I work for. I though he was just dismissing me as not that bad..

OK.. i am screwed up.. or screwed.. not sure LOL

NOW I am having the worse muscle/nerve pain ever!! I .. who hates taking man made meds.. is DESPERATE for old RX of oxycodone. Last night at the end of my work shift.. I could not BEND my knee..it was locked...PAINFULLY locked. I could not turn in bed.. or walk very well. This AM I see its NOT the knee but muscles/probably tendons that are locked so painfully. BUT.. I do not have a doc to go to. My PCP doesnt see me until the 24th.. just getting off maternity leave. I even thought I MIGHT be having a blood clot or PVD..which now I dont think so.

I am still a risk for stroke.. have lots of lesions on the brain.. years of spasticity..and autonomic problems.. esp HIGH BP/HR...

So.. I have been calling the auto RN.. about the Clonidine..and was told to call my PCP.. so I do call the back up for MY Pcp and he wont' prescribe cause he doesnt know anything about my case.. fair enough.

NOW what am I to do?? I am resting these 2 days off ..but then have to work the next 6 days.. and I am DRAGGIN my leg!!

Any ideas??

Desperate Jan

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It sounds like you're in so much pain! I know the ER is usually not a good option for us, but can you maybe go to urgent care and have a doc look at your leg and give you some pain meds or muscle relaxant? Maybe if you bring your notes from Vandy with you it would lend credibility? I'm so sorry.

I know your doc is out right now and no one else wants to see you, but your PCP's office has to tell you where to go to get help in time like this. Maybe one of her associates can see you in the meantime?

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Thanks for your response. It was my PCPs replacement that told me he could not RX me the Clonipin. So.. I went back to the neuro's RN who said Dr. could not either.. to go back to the PCP...GEESHhh!!!

I just dont understand this leg thing..execept to say Its probably the spasticity..spasms I have had in my legs and back..only.. THIS is the worse.. so painful. I dug up some old Pain killers..just to sleep.. found my old knee brace (this is my good knee).. and use my non drowsy muscle relaxant.

Its just a very NEW symptom..and it happend of course when I have no doc. Urgent care WAS a consideration.. or seeing her back up PCP but I could not walk.. had no one to take me either. I could go to the ER/Urgent care near my home that has valet service.

Thanks again


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