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Virus Linked To Diabetes

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Studies point to viruses as cause of Diabetes....

So I was just reading some "news" this morning and came across a blurb about two recent published studies that yielded evidence that a common virus may cause childhood diabetes in people who are genetically prone to it. As one researcher put it the results point to a virus infection preceding an autoimmune condition.

My eyes perked up as I thought back to so many people with POTS that coincided with a viral infection. I really like the way some of the research is shaping up in this area. No telling what we may learn down the line.

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Thanks for posting this article! The Mayo doc said my POTS was probably viral-onset (probably mono in 2006), but my mom and brother have had strange neurological or neuroendocrine problems in their 30's. It makes sense if there is a genetic predisposition that gets "triggered" by a virus. There has always been the suspicion that POTS is an autoimmune problem.

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