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Help! I May Need To Reschedule Grubb, See Another Ans Specialist

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I may need to reschedule my late-March appointment with Grubb due to a variety of things that have popped up out of my control. Also, he's canceled most March appointments so mine is still on, but of course they can't promise anything.

So. Can anyone tell me what a one-day visit with Grubb does? Do they actually do testing on the spot?

There's another ANS specialist nearer to where I am who I chatted with and is willing to see me so I wonder if that's worth a try?

Grubb's office does not have a schedule yet for upcoming months, but they are understanding and I could get rescheduled but it'll be a few months out.

I have myself all worried by not seeing Grubb (I've been waiting 10 months) I'll never get better. But I suppose it's no miracle cure like I hope it'd be. I know I'm interested in Cymbalta...and my local EP is familiar with it and POTS...so I assume I could convince him to give that a try.

Any advice is helping. I'm very stressed about having to reschedule Grubb (be it myself having to do it or them). I want to get better and don't want to ruin my chances by putting this off.

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They won't do any big tests at Grubb's office. They'll check hr and bp while lying down, sitting, and standing. Dr. Grubb will also get a thorough medical history. The appointment lasts for about two hours.

It would probably be good to schedule an appointment with the ANS specialist near you. If you can't make it to your appointment with Grubb, then at least you'd be able to get some testing and treatment from another doctor.


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I agree that you could schedule the other ANS doctor and keep Dr Grubb. So if you can't make it to Grubb you have someone else.

Dr Grubb helped me a lot because he and Dr Goldstein are the ones who build my meds combo.

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