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Thoughts For My Mother

Guest brianala

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Guest brianala

I know I haven't been around all that long, but I feel like many of you here understand what it's like to cope with a lot more than just your own health issues.

My mom had a stroke back in September, and while she has almost completely recovered (amazingly), during her stay in the hospital they did some testing that revealed she has an aneurysm in her brain. If not for the stroke it may have gone completely unnoticed until it ruptured. So that's a blessing in disguise.

Next month she will go to Shands for surgery to clip the aneurysm. I'm just so incredibly nervous about everything and while I am eager for her to get it fixed so she can get on with her life, I just feel like it's all happening so fast. I'm just getting over the stroke and just getting used to the idea that she's not made of glass and going to break at any minute.

I'm also worried about the procedure. Doing some research before her consultation we read about a coiling procedure that is less invasive. Her doctor says he prefers to do the clipping procedure, which is more invasive but, he feels has less of a chance of complications down the road. It's hard to trust what a doctor says after all of my experiences with doctors who never understood what was wrong with me. It's hard to trust that what he says is right, and that the more invasive procedure will give my mom a better chance.

And on top of all of that I fee like crap most of the time and I'm worried about being able to help support her as much as she will need during her recovery.

:: sigh ::

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Is your mom able to see another neurosurgeon for a second opinion? She could bring her scans to show him the aneurysm.

I can understand how it feels to want to help your mom and be there for her while being sick yourself. My mom has had carcinoid syndrome (a rare small bowel tumor) with metastases for over 20 years. She's disabled, really thin, and gets tired easily but we enjoy every day together. Your mom is lucky to have such a compassionate daughter who wants to help her. Are there other family members who can lend a hand during her recovery?

I wish I knew more about coiling vs clipping... but it sounds like you're on the right track and making sure she has the treatment that's best for her.

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Sending you and your family thoughts and prayers. I'll pray for a good outcome to your mother's surgery. It sounds like her neurosurgeon sounds confident in doing the clipping procedure. He sounds like he specializes in it, and it sounds like she'll be in good hands.

It never hurts to get another opinion. You could also talk to the doctor how experienced he is with this procedure.

I'm sorry your not feeling well most of the time. Remember to pace yourself, and rest you body whenever you need to.

When my brother was in the hospital I put my feet up a lot, and when he went home, I just rested when I needed to at his house like I do at home.


Maxine :0)

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