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I Know This Topic Has Come Up Before

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I believe we have discussed this topic in the past -- anyone have cellulite?? i have it pretty bad on my thighs and wondering what the best treatment out there is for it? I got a bike trainer for christmas and have been using that about 10 mins, 4 times a week ....two months into this routine and i'm not seeing any benefit .....anyone heard of the verseo massage roller?? I have heard that is the best thing out there right now for cellulite treatment at about 60$ ......

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Oh yes, and it seems like it's always been there. Even when I was super thin, which annoyed me no end. As you say, exercise is the only thing that helps - walking and swimming - but I stress helps, it never goes. I have some energising gel which is supposed to help a bit. Doubt if it actually does, but it smells really nice and makes the skin look a bit better.

Because cellulite is thought to be caused by the collagen structure around the fat cells becoming weaker, if you have EDS I think it is reasonable to assume that cellulite is more likely to occur and persist.

I can't see how the roller would help much. I think I would save my money for something else!

If I go swimming, I am a bit self conscious about my cellulite, but my friends say it's hardly noticeable and complain about theirs which I can't see either! I think it's another one of those annoying things you just have to put up with.

Best wishes.

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The cellulite massage rollers work...temporarily. They work by "kneading out the lumps," but the original cellulite is still there. :blink: From what I've seen it's about like sitting on my Granny's ringer/washer, or getting your thigh stuck in a pasta mill. I don't know if it is uncomfortable, I've never tried one. It's bad enough that we have to "feel" good, why do we have to "look" good too? :blink:

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