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My Very Special Valentine


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Today started very badly...I woke with a horrible headache and have been dizzy and sick all day. I was feeling so guilty because today is my Anniversary and I knew I wouldn't feel like going anywhere for dinner with my husband like he had planned. I had also planned to bake heart shaped cookies with my daughter because she wanted to surprise her daddy with them. Instead I found myself needing to lie down and feeling like a horrible mom/wife.

Well, my daughter who is 9 is very protective of me and my feelings. She must have sensed that I was feeling down and guilty because she secretly called my mom and asked her to come to our house. When my mother got here, they insisted I take a nap. While I was sleeping, they baked the cookies and went shopping. They came home with flowers, candles and dinner from a restaurant. They decorated the dining room and had it looking very romantic.

My husband came home from work with roses for me and balloons and a stuffed puppy for my daughter. I woke up to the laughter of my sweet family coming from the dining room. I was so surprised when I walked in and saw all the festive decorations and my precious daughter standing there smiling at me.

She had cooked all this up for me to be able to celebrate my Anniversary right here at home. I was so touched...I hugged her tight and kissed her forehead and felt so blessed to know she could be so understanding and unselfish at such a young age. She even asked her grandma if she could spend the night at her house so my husband and I could eat alone and talk.

It turned out to be the best Anniversary we have ever had and I have the most special Valentine ever...my daughter!!

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You are truly blessed.... And you can give yourself a pat on the back for your influence on your sweet daughter. I'm sure she learned much of her thoughtfulness from you. Cherish her and your family, they sound like "keepers" !!!!!!!!!

Wishing you a belated happy anniversary and valentines day---

Gentle healing hugs, Susan

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What a wondeful story.. thanks so much for sharing it.

Of COURSE Your daughter is so thoughtful..kind..and a good planner...she has good genes...and a GREAT example in YOU!!

HUGs to her and your mother too ~!

Warmly, Jan

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