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HI Ernie..

I dont know what you situation truly is.. as I am new here..but NOT new to health problems. What I will hope and pray for is for JUST the right doctor..with the guidance and wisdom to know...to help...to start you healing again.

Warmly Jan

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Guest tearose


Please go knowing loads of prayers and good wished go with you!

Make sure you ask for the chance to ask followup questions BEFORE you leave so you are sure and satisfied with all you learn. It will be a lot to take in and you will have to process a lot of information, testing and diagnosing...also request copies of your files before leaving so you won't have to try going back and forth from home by mail.

Pop on and tell us how you are doing. I will gladly offer anything I have learned while at Mayo (3 times) if it will help you get to the bottom of your situation.

Have a safe journey, dress in tons of layers,

warmest wishes,


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Hi Ernie,

my thoughts and prayers are with you!

Whenever i see a specialist i take a recorder with me and record the whole appointment because there is alsways so much talking and explaining and taping the conversation takes much stress off me trying to remember all thats been said. Maybe you also want to ask the specialsts there if you are allowed to record the conversations. that way you can focus more on the questions.

All the best and keep us postet.


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thinking of you ernie and i hope that you are having a successful visit at the mayo clinic.. hope you get some good results!



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