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Eds Secondary To Pots----diagnosis Code


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I know quite a few of you have EDS secondary to POTS.

My orthopedic surgeon put an EDS diagnosis code on my MRI orders for full spine views---including cervical spine extention/flexation. ICD-9 code 756.83


It looks like the code came into effect on Oct. 1st, 2008.

I called my local hosptial to set up the MRI, and gave her the code, but she didn't know what it meant. SOOOO, with me being the google girl that I am, I looked it up.

Maxine :0)

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I've looked at the links and it is a code for EDS, not POTS. As EDS has been known about for almost a centuary I suspect that this code isn't actually new, perhaps just under-used?

Wikipedia lists the following codes for EDS:

ICD-10 Q79.6

ICD-9 756.83

MedlinePlus 001468

eMedicine derm/696


MeSH D004535

As POTS is a syndrome and not a disease it doesn't have a diagnosis code.


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Searching the ICD-10 lists the closest I can find for POTS / dyasutonomia would be either of:

G90.8 Other disorders of autonomic nervous system

G90.9 Disorder of autonomic nervous system, unspecified

ICD-9 code 349.9 - Unspecified disorders of nervous system, is the closest I can find there (there is a code for autonomic neuropathy but most of us have nerve dysfunction not nerve damage).


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That is interesting Maxine - other than the article you linked to I can only find this definition of 785.0 - tachycardia, unspecified, rapid heart beat.

In the UK we use Read Codes but these encompass almost everything in health care: symptoms, signs, diagnoses, observations, tests etc are all given Read codes (eg there is a Read code for "smoking cessation advice given").

The closest match Read code that I've found so far is: "Paroxysmal tachycardia unspecified G572"

Grrrr - why can't they talk English? (Yes, I know why codes are needed really)


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