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Result Of Colonoscopy


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I first heard of this when my co-worker was diagnosed with it. Usually a very industrious person, she would have bouts of pain and general feeling poorly. It is a very real thing. I am glad you have a diagnosis for what it is worth, and I am glad you are on a pathway to treatment for it.

Best of luck at Mayo. I was very pleased with Dr. Low and I hope that your experience is a good one. Stay warm while there, you'll be glad to know there are some underground passageways, so you may not have to go outside often to get around. There is a very darling Barnes and Noble down the little alley way by the stores if you need a little TLC and relaxation!


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Wow Ernie, the last thing you need is another rather rare diagnosis. But, at least you know why your guts feel so bad! That's got to be some level of vindication after all you've been through getting docs in the past to believe you. Hope the meds help.


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Hi Ernie,

At least you know what's wrong now with your gut, and it's treatable--- :blink:

Sorry you have to deal with this on top of everything else. :blink:

Will you need regular colonoscopies now? The doctor that was supposed to do my colonoscopy today had to cancel last week Friday because I have a virus, and running a low grade fever. I see my PCP this week to see why I'm having a difficult time getting over the virus, then we can start over with setting a date for the colonoscopy.

I wish you the best of luck with the mayo clinic, and hope you are treated with respect and compassion. I hope they find a way to improve your symptoms.

You will be in my thoughts in prayers during your trip at mayo.


Maxine :0)

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Hi Ernie,

I'm glad your colonoscopy has come up with an answer for your gut troubles, I hope you get some effective treatment for it now.

IBS - I get soooo annoyed when doctors brush off anything that isn't yet understood as a functional or psychological problem. I have been struggling with diarrhoea for years and have always been told it is due to anxiety. Yes when I am stressed it gets much worse (possibly an MCAD type reaction) but going 10-15/day is not normal. I test negative for coeliac disease on blood test but my health practitioner suspected gluten intolerance was contributing to my "IBS" since going gluten free things have been much better.

I realise that gluten isn't the issue for you but I wanted to highlight how real problems get dismissed as psychological.


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