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seeing your pulse in your eyes


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Does any one else find that often when they stand or lean forward, they can see their pulse in the edge of their vision and hear it pounding in their head? WHen i lean forward my head fills violently with blood and my head pounds. If i sort of just stare into space when ive just stood or walked up a flight of stairs (now that i can again thankfully) i can see my heart beat in the corner of my blurred vision.

At night i lie there some times and my heart is pumping in my ears and i have to lie on my back to avoid hearing it.

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Yes, I have experienced these things at times. At these times I have even checked my blood pressure occasionally, only to find that it was absolutely normal or on the low side (although I have also experienced high blood pressure with this condition).

Over time my condition has, overall, improved. Although I do still have relapses.


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