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I want to have a baby


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I have an important question for you all. I have POTS until 1996 and now I want to have a baby. My doctor say it is possible but he doesn't know how I could support that.

I have medication for to increase my blood presure and I also have betabloquant.

My doctor say that the medication for my blood presure is not good so if i want to havie a baby i must stop this.

does someone have had baby with pots ?


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I have POTS and a baby. I got pregnant 5 months after I was diagnosed, and was able to support a healthy pregnancy. I took Florinef (to increase blood pressure) through some of my pregnancy, until my body was able to compensate for the fluids, and also a beta blocker the whole 9 months- it turned out that it was a good thing, because my blood pressure was very high at the end and the beta blocker helped me from getting really sick. It is a good idea to talk to your doctor about the medications, because a lot of them are safe to use during pregnancy if the benefits outweigh the risks. My doc was very good at working with me on these issues...but I would be happy to answer any questions you have about pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a child with POTS...my son is 11 months old.

I was wondering- you said you had POTS until 1996- does that mean you've were diagnosed in 1996, or you had it and it got better in 1996? Just curious. What are your worst symptoms? Do you work? How severe is your case? I am so glad that my son came along when he did, I really needed something in my life to look forward to, because as you know, POTS can really get you down in the dumps sometimes- but it is definitely hard work when I'm having a bad day and chasing after him!!

Anyhow, I wish you luck, and feel free to write anytime, jessica@sneeked.com.

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I have POTS and have a four month old.I was on toporal my whole pregnancy, for my heart. I did go off florinef about six month before I got pregnant. I was seeing a high risk doctor, who kept a close eye on me with no complications. e-mail me if you have any questions, nkrueger420@msn.com kristy

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I would love to chat with you sometime and hear your story...I have a hard time meeting other new moms with POTS...it seems like not too many people with POTS test their waters and try to have kids- unless they had the kids before the POTS. What has it been like for you? Did your symptoms change when you were pregnant? How about afterwards? I experienced almost no symptoms while pregnant, and when my son was about 5 months old I began to get a little symptomatic again, and I am still working with the meds and trying to get back on my feet. I just think it's neat to meet other moms who are in my situation :o

I was also wondering, are you able to work? I am going part time to school, and not working yet. You can e-mail me anytime...I also check the boards daily...take care!!

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I got very ill last week Tuesday and had to go for injections to stop the shaking and get my body "normal" again. They have been working with me for the last two months about to prepare my body for the pregnancy. I must mention I am heart broken that if my health does not improve soon they have suggested that I seriously consider not having children. Due to the terrible lack of energy and many other problems I am petrified of how I am going to coup with a baby. I just passed out on Tuesday and lay shaking until someone found me at work. How am I going to have a baby if I cant even hold my puppy in my arms on bad days? :unsure:

They have changed all my medication to ensure that it will be suitable for the pregnancy. I am on 2 vitamins, calcium, and folic acid; slow realising fructose tablets and other pots related medication. You should ask your doctor to start preparing your body. We are not healthy and are going to need all the help we can get. :o

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Hi Ling,

On the bad days, you'll tuck your baby in bed with you and roll over and gentle nurse her. It works, I know. I have three wonderful children from 15 years old down to 7. Each pregnancy was different. My first one I was on lots of meds, the second one I was on lots of gatorade and by number three things were actually pretty uneventful.

For me, I go in cycles, some good days (or months) followed by very difficult periods. But my kids (and husband) are terrific. They know Mom can't do some things -- but we can cozy up together around a good movie or a book. We roast marshmellows in the backyard, and we all enjoy quiet moments in nature.

Find a doctor who supports your desires. I went through dozens, who used lots of threats and warnings .... "You had better stop nursing your baby now because you need to be back on this or that medication ...." But I finally found a group of OB's Cardiologists and a general practitioner who know my preferences and who all agreed to work with me to have children.

Keep on keeping on.

Good thoughts your way,


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I loved your post, it was so sincere and honest- just because we can't do everything we always want to do, there are still plenty of awesome things we can do for our kids. I am still nursing Ethan for that reason, in addition to the benefits it provides him, and there have been plenty of days when that's all I can do for him- but he still is able to feel loved and nurtured even though mom has rough times =) My doctors fought with me about the meds for a long time and I was able to find the right docs and lots of breastfeeding support- and would encourage all new moms to go that route. Anyhow I thought it was neat to read your post- you are the very first mom I have run across who has nursed a baby with POTS...and even though your kids are older now, it's still very cool!!

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