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Random Hives Outbreak - Potsy & Freaked Out


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I am off my Allegra for my skin test which is tomorrow - I've been off since Thursday and today I had a random hives outbreak. I was not eating or drinking anything or doing anything out of the ordinary. I got hives on my arm/chest/face that burned, itched and were red.

I started to panic (thought I couldn't breath) so I laid down, took deep breaths, and calmed myself down somewhat and 90% of the hives are gone now and I am feeling better, just really fatigued.

How do you guys handle random hives not from any source that you can tell? I'll mention this to the allergist, but it's so bizarre. I can also use my fingernail to 'mark' my skin and it stays around for awhile now that I'm off Allegra. I've been careful about what I use and eat since going off my Allegra, just in case, too.

I'm trying to tell myself only about 14 more hours until my test. I so wish I could take a couple Benadryl, but all this work will be for naught.

My POTS has been 'okt' for itself for the last few days, pretty typical, but now I'm feeling extreme fatigue and a bit achy. I assume this is from the hives outbreak.

I am so frustrated and upset! And I think I almost had a panic attack (which is rare for me). Would a panic attack cause shaking, nervousness, upset stomach, and a really weird feeling of impending problems?

Thanks for listening. This has been a rough few days.

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So would a bad allergic reaction (anaphylaxis.) That would have been the perfect time to collect an "enriched" sample of urine for a MCAD dx. Good luck Sweetie! It will be over soon, try not to scratch! Take your epi and some benadryl with you, and remember to tell the nurse to check on you frequently. Don't be afraid to be a wimp, it is not worth "taking it" and creating an emergency! Let us know how it goes!


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Sometimes cold water or ice helps the itchies for me. I once had a bad reaction to an insect repellent and just took multiple ice cold showers when it would flare. Another time I'd slept on a pillow where a cat had been and had a swollen, lumpy, itchy red face-- again frozen washcloths helped.

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