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Hooray! I'm Just Old!


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Saw the big-shot neuro-opthamologist today, she did some tests, looked at my MRIs and labwork and concluded that it is NOT MG! Whew!

She said that because of my career (artist) I have early presbyopia. She also said that the ANS depressants (klonopin) would make it worse, and if I could switch to something else to control the headache, my eyesight should improve. :ph34r:

Anyone got any ideas on a new headache med? My neuro wants me to try Lyrica.

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Guest tearose

Hooray! ?

Well at least you don't have any new disease progression to deal with.

I celebrate with you.

I have no med sugesstions, just joy in sharing your news!

best regards,


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Your threat made me laugh. Congrats on just being old! :ph34r:

I'm looking forward to trying Cymbalta if Grubb agrees...seems to help a chunk of folk, but I don't see him for a while yet. But that's the only drug I've really read up on lately.

As for headaches...Lyrica was approved for CFS in the States. You keep hearing how POTS and CFS have overlapping symptoms so maybe it's worth a try. You can read up on the side effects, etc first.

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Congratulations! Isn't it great to have a "normal" problem now and then?

I have been on Lyrica and Neurontin at different times. The lyrica worked much better than neurontin at controlling my pains and headaches. I even had more energy! It is very expensive (my mom pays cash for hers and it's $100 a week). I had to go off of it because it made me even more constipated than normal :ph34r:. I also gained 6 pounds in the 2 weeks I was taking it. These side effects I had were not unusual and were listed in the pamphlet. But my mom takes it with no problems at all, except that she was a little foggy-headed when she first was titrating up her dose. Lyrica also helped me to sleep more soundly.

Take care, Janie

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I wish this headache was only a migraine! My migraines are debilitating, but they do respond to medication and only last a day or two (granted I want to die when I have one, but somewhere my brain tells me it will be over sometime.) With my migraines I get extreme photophobia, noise/odor/touch sensitivity, and nausea.

This headache is daily, unilateral and NEVER goes away completely! Klonopin helps, some of the stronger benzo's help, but no one has found a cause! :(

It does not respond to any of the migraine meds, I've tried a lot of them! I've tried calcium channel blockers--no help. I don't want to take the Klonopin, but is seems to be the only thing that works. I can spike/induce the headache by bending over/exertion/sex/strong emotion/coughing...so I try not to do all but one of those things :D

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