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POTS and lasik surgery?


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I haven't had eye surgery--however, this topic came up previously on another board. I believe the answer was that you are at no more risk than the average person... most of the risk is related to your vision.

If I'm not mistaken, you're not given general anesthesia with Lasik, yes? If you're under going to go general anesthesia you should make them aware that you could have a drop in BP and to monitor you as they would any cardiac patient. With Lasik, however, I think they use a topical anesthetic for the eye while they're working.

Check with the surgeon to find out exactly what type of anesthetics are used--for folks with POTS, that would be what's important to know ahead of time.


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The best thing to do would be to get a Lasik screening. They are free in most clinics and they have you fill out alot of paper work concering current health conditions. I remember one of the questions being about heart problems. I answered no. At the time I didn't have POTS, but they still asked if I had any problems with hypertension or any other heart problems and even asked if any of my relatives did.

The docs and assistants at the clininc I went to were very professional and thorough. I ended up not qualyifing for the procedure because my corneas were borderline too thin.

As far as anesthetics go I know that they wanted someone to drive me home (if I had the procedure) becuase they give the patients valium to sedate them.

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