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Anyone Here Have Laryngeal Spasms &/or Vcd?

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Anyone on this site have laryngeal spasms and/or vocal cord dysfunction to the point they quit breathing altogether?

I'm told this is another thing the ANS controls but haven't ever heard of anyone on this site having the kinds of problems I'm having with it.

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hi pooh!

can you explain me about the spasms and the vocql cord thing? i'm not quite sure what it means.

maybe it has something to do with what i experience as not being able to sing? when i try singing (as it always made me so happy to sing) after about 3 words i feel like getting some big lump in my throat and i can't sing anymore. no sound and i start yawning like crazy :):lol: i never came to the point where i stopped breathing as it seems that my body protects me from overdoing it! my doc said that it happens when there's a lack of oxygen in my brain and that my body cuts things off to allow the oxygen in my blood to go up instead of being wasted on silly things like singing.

take care,

corina :)

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What I'm dealing with is sudden severe spasms of the vocal cords and larynx that completely cut off air supply. There is NO way for me to get air in my lungs when it happens. It is a medical emergency when it occurs.

I do have some of the other symptoms you describe at other times--lump in the throat, tightness when singing and those symptoms fall under a milder vocal cord dysfunction but the larnygeal spasm is much worse and very severe.

I do understand the ANS controls these involuntary muscle groups. I guess I'm trying to get a sense of if others on this site have these spasms.

I've known for years that I have much more than just "POTS" going on but since symptoms overlap I was just wondering if others on this site have also been diagnosed with VCD and/or laryngeal spasm.

It seems I'm having all the muscle groups affected----esophageal spasms, diaphram spasms, laryngeal spasm, cricopharyngeal spasm etc etc.

mkoven, how do you know your shortness of breath was misdiagnosed as vcd? What tests did you have that distinguished the differences for you?

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Poohbear - so what do you do / what happens when your air supply gets totally cut off?

I dont know if this is the same thing or not, but I find that if I talk for a few minutes my throat starts getting really tight and my voice starts to go funny (almost like when you lose your voice when you have a sore throat). By this stage I am usually so frightened that I stop talking and try to relax all my muscles, but sometimes I get the feeling that my oesophogus is having spasms and I have to keep swallowing to stop the 'regurgitating sensation'. This doesnt happen to me when I talk all the time - sometimes I can talk for hours and be fine, sometimes I can only say a few words before I feel like I will suffocate myself.

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Before I was diagnosed with POTS, I was diagnosed with VCD. (probably a misdiagnosis I would guess...) Anyway, I was sent to a kind of breathing therapy for a while where I learned a lot of weird breathing exercises and how to lift/speak/yell without straining my vocal cords, as well as some stretches. I don't know if that's an option for you, but it might be something to look into. I don't think there is a cure for VCD? I hope you find a way to ease your symptoms.


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In my case it seems I do have VCD and yes, speech therapy has been ordered for that. My symptoms overlap with other autonomic symptoms but they are distinguishable. I also have some respiratory stuff going seperate and apart from the ANS and the VCD stuff.

As for the laryngeal spasms-- that is a rare form of VCD from what I understand. There is nothing they can really do to stop them. When I pass out the spasm releases and I can breathe again. If I get to where I stay in spasm and it doesn't release on it's own then they have to intubate. They can also release on their own sometimes after a minute or so (give or take a few seconds)

In my case I am dealing with numerous conditions at the same time but having the underlying ANS dysfunction makes the others harder to control I think.

I'm feeling super frustrated that I am constantly battling various rare conditions (althought the vcd isn't rare....just the laryngeal spasms) and everytime I have a laryngeal spasm it triggers the adrenaline response and then all my POTS symptoms flare and then the respiratory stuff gets flared. All the treatments for the various things conflict with each other so the end result so far is that I lay around unable to be up and around much at all. I FEEL LOUSY and I'M TIRED AND WEARY OF ALL OF IT!!!!! I know everyone here can probably relate to those feelings!

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Hi Poohbear,

it is good to hear from you but not good to find out about the spasms - they sound really nasty! Sorry no experience of vocal cord problems myself (get occasional spasms in my sternocleidomastoid muscle which are horrid but don't stop me from breathing) but wanted to send you ((((((((((hugs))))))))))


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