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for those of you with EDS, can one side be worse than the other side? it feels like my left side, arm, left side of head, left leg more bruising, more swollen blood vessels, i cant really explain it, right side symptoms too, but left side little worse,



Are you right handed or left handed? I'm an EDSer who is Right handed, and everything on my right is, in general, much worse than on my left. I believe this is because if I fall, I use my right hand to catch myself and end up dislocating / subluxing something. Yes, I have left sided symptoms, but all of my bursitises (bursitii) are on my right side. If I'm going to dislocate and it's going to hurt a lot for a long period of time, it's my right side. If I'm going to dislocate or break and I will be incapacitated for a little while, the likelihood is that it's my left side. Strange, huh? I think it has to do with muscles being strengthened differently on different sides of the body.


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