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Looking For Products Without Artificial Sweeteners

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I know many of us are unable to consume artificial sweeteners for a variety of reasons. Mine is migraine and increase of overall symptoms. So, I am looking for products that do NOT contain artificial sweeteners in a world where they put them in everything. :huh:

So, I wanted to start a thread asking for recommendations and for people to post products they use that do not have artificial sweeteners.

I am looking for a recommendation of gum without artificial sweetener...

Also, I did not realize that most if not all common toothpaste brands contain artificial sweeteners, and have now worked to cut this out as well.

Is there any other common products people may not be aware that have artificial sweeteners?

Seems like I recently ran across another one and I can't come up with it right now...

Also, has anyone come across any new products with Truvia instead of the artificial sweeteners? It would be nice if some of these products would use Truvia instead...

That leads me to another question... Has anyone had a negative reaction to Truvia? How do most of us respond to it? Like we do for sugar?

I also was hoping to come up with a comprehensive list of sports drinks/electrolyte drinks that do not harve artificial sweeteners. Recently some people have posted on products I have not heard much about, and hoped that maybe we can compile a list of products that people have found helpful.

Thanks!!!! :lol:

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Starting a list of products...


Gatorade (G2 has artificial sweeteners)

Powerade (not anywhere near as much sodium as gatorade)


Clif Shot

Power Bar electrolyte powder

Luna Bar electrolyte powder

Electromix powder (no sodium)


Glee Gum (loses flavor fast)


Tom's of Maine Toothpaste

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Hi there. My daughter is on mod keto diet for her epilepsy called LGIT. Typically it is not required to avoid art sweeteners, but we do as I think they can be a sz trigger and in general think they are unhealthy.

Anyway, we use Toms of Maine Tooth Past and I NEED to chew gum. The gum I chew is sweetened w/ xyletol. A low GI sweetner. I forget the name of the gum. But you can find many products sweetened w/ this at Whole Foods, online etc.

Here is a link on xylitol:


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I use xylitol gum also. Some trident flavors use xylitol, you have to check the labels. I've not had any problems with products that use stevia as a sweetner and like the earlier post suggested, Whole Foods is a good choice since they carry such a wide variety of brands/products.

My Dr. has me using some powder supplements and they use stevia as a sweetner, I drink a glass of the powders mixed in the a.m. One is for greens and the other is a protein and one other is red supplements(berries, etc.) I do find I have energy after drinking it. I've been using two of the powders for 2 yrs and the other on I just started. I acutally like the taste.

If I remember correctly Whole Foods carries a brand of flavored water that is naturally flavored, no sugars or artificial sweetner. Just can't remember the name now.

It takes a lot of looking at labels, but that would be the place I would start.

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When I use gum I use the kind with sugar...half a stick aids COTTON mouth nicely.

Xylitol or any "ol" ending sugar, causes gas and digestive problems for many (from flatulence, to speeded up peristalsis motion to diarrhea.

i can do sweetNlow in coffee with no issue. But the modern fake sugars alcohol based, cause digestive problems in MANY. However i am personally fine with toothpaste as I spit it out and rinse my mouth afterwards.

I loathe and detest the added fake OVERLY sweet to flavored waters (I remember years ago flavored water was a twist of lime or lemon) and sports drinks.

Also the brain and even pancreas is often "fooled" by fake sweeteners producing excess insulin and CAUSING hunger pains. I haven't drunk Diet Coke in over a decade due to hate the flavor and don't need diet anything anymore. BUT when i was heavier I learned on my own that Diet drinks CAUSE hunger. But you have to really read and research to confirm this and not have it be some political agenda (anti sugar companies, health companies, or anti health companies ) IT's amazing how politica food has become but I digress. :ph34r:

If OVERLY sweet fake sugars are used, the ingredient should be listed in large fonts that's easily seen in one glance and not in tiny text more suitable for the reading glasses of a gnat.


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I think the only way to avoid artificial sweeteners is to read labels on things. I just realized recently that some things aren't even labeled. I bought Royal brand gelatin instead of Jello, b/c it was on sale, and it had that funny aftertaste. When I read the ingredients, they included aspartame and wasn't even labeled on the front. I don't mind a little artificial sweetener sometimes, but on a day-to-day basis I think I'd rather have real sugar. Then there is the whole issue of high fructose corn syrup, which is a thread in and of itself! :blink:

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I have been actively avoiding aspartame and other artificial sweetners. Now that I am avoiding them I notice a worsening of my cognitive function if I got back on them (mainly was drinking a lot of diluted blackcurrant squash, now just have water or add pure fruit juice).

The only way that I have found to reliably cut out artificial ingredients is to avoid processed foods. By going back to buying meat, veg, fruit and cooking them myself (well shoving them in my george forman grill!) you know exactly what you are eating. Buying products from a wholefoods store or wholefoods section of a supermarket tends to group together additive free brands. For toothpaste I am using an aloe vera variety, it takes a while to get used to the taste but it has no sweetners and no fluoride either.

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Thanks for the suggestions and thoughts!

As far as the gum etc. I have been to a smaller Whole Foods, but have yet to make it to the larger one to see what they have.

As far as the Xylitol and other sugar alcohols, I find it interesting and need to look at it more, but I do believe that they have made me sick in the past (gastro symptoms).

As far as other products:

mkoven brought up Nunn before.

I also wanted to add a few I have found (some I still haven't tried as much as I would like to have, but haven't gotten around to it)

Vitamin Water (no sodium)

Smart Water (electrolyte water no sodium)

Coconut water

Whole Foods brand fitness water/electrolyte water/vitamin water

Sobe Life Water (has sodium)

Snapple Vitamin Water (no sodium) (Propel, Aquafina waters etc all have artificial sweeteners)

24C Jones Soda Company version of vitamin water and comes in packet form

Has anyone tried and liked....?

Zym tablets: http://www.gozym.com/flavors.html

Zenergize tablets

Enlyten Sports strips- melt on your tongue form of electrolyte replacement (but still have to drink water!) http://www.enlyten.com/

Ultima Electrolyte drink

I am most interested in the Zym tablets and the Enlyten strips.

Still trying to find more in the way of gum and other products that always have artificial sweeteners in them.

For more info on some of these products/topics you can also check out- http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1...hout.html?cat=7


You can also find my dysautonomia articles there.

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