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Happy To Report That I'm Finding More Docs Who Know What Ncs Is!


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In my pre-op appointment with my ENT, I told him that I have NCS (that is my official diagnosis although the Cardiologist and I think POTS but he could not prove that). He right away knew what it was and asked me questions about it. Also, when meeting with the anesthesiologist yesterday before my surgery, he asked why I take Midrodrine and if I had any heart problems. Of course, I said I have NCS with low blood pressure, and slight tachy. He started asking me all kinds of questions once I said NCS, like how often do I pass out and what else happens to me. I was so glad to not have to sit there and explain it all to him. Better yet, I was SO happy that he was thorough and taking all of that into consideration in what he was going to do with my anesthesia! He said, "I will watch your blood pressure and make sure it does not go below 90." :P

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