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Update on disability rollercoaster ride


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Let me tell you all what's going on with my disability claim. I have a post much futher back that explains alot of what happen at first if you are interested. Ok here we are a little over 6 months since I initially filed for the disability. I have recieved no news from anyone so yesterday I called the disability specialist that was assisgn to my case and she told me that she was no longer on my claim and that I should have recieved a letter by now that I need to contact my local office. Ok after numerous calls to my local office and filling up everyones voice mail box that I could, I finally recieved a call this morning. She told me that my claim has been sent to Atlanta ( I live in Alabama) for a second review. Well what happen on the first review??????? I have not heard a word and she would not tell me ANYTHING other than I should hear something soon. Is this what ya have been thru? I just wished they would simply say yes or no so if it is no I can get on with an appeal. For those of you that were approved how long did it take you to get your first initial answer? Still hanging in there.


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