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Loop Recorder Was Removed Today


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The last time I had this put in it was pretty rough. I must be very hyper sensitive to local anesthetics----especially lidocaine.

This time carbocaine was used, but I still had really high BP after the procedure. I called the nurse while I was in recovery, and told her I felt some weird hear beats. She hooked me up to an EKG, and started to record my BP. She said my BP was really hgih at 168/101 which is very high for me. I was a bit worried, as I didn't have a problem with carbocaine when I had my tooth extraction. I guess quite a bit more is used for a minor surgical procedure.

I did not have to go into recovery before when it was inserted because only local anesthetic was used. They had no idea the reaction I had would be that bad, and unfortunately we weren't able to record any of it because I was afraid no one would believe I had this type of reaction to local anesthetic. This time, they put me into recovery for a few minutes, and they saw my reaction.

Today I had a rough time, but not as bad as the last. They waited until my BP got a bit lower, and the doc explained that my body went through a procedure, and even though it's a minor one it can still stir things up a bit---especially on people with ANS dysfuntion. It was very nice of the doc to stop by recovery again and reassure me. The nurses were very nice---especially the one who was assigned to me. My husband and I sat at the hospital a while until I didn't feel as lightheaded, and each time she saw us she stopped by to see how I was feeling. She told me how sorry she was for my other struggles with EDS, and the spine instability. It really makes a difference when you have a caring and compassionate medical staff.

Now the pain is kicking in, but my BP is lower at 135/83, and my heart rate settled down to 81. I'm still recovering.

I know a lot of you have terrible struggles, and my problems are minor in comparison, and I want you all to know how I feel for you, and I can only imagine what it must be like.

Thanks to those of you who replied to my previous post, and for showing your support----it really means a lot to me.

Maxine :0)

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Thanks for your replies and support. Even though it was a minor procedure, I was in ANS meltdown that day, but held my own.

I have a virus, but it seemed like it was going away, so I went through the procedure to remove the loop recorder. Well, the virus is still here, but it seems like it's only a mild head cold. I'm still a bit light headed since the procedure was done, but nothing like the day it was done. That's what scared me----------I was sooooooo light headed.

When went to the NIH study in April The MRA report showed missing left vertebral artery, and fetal origin of left posterior cerebral arteries. Dr. McDonnell said my doctors need to be aware of this because I would be less likely to recover from a stroke, and I need to avoid high BP spikes. I e-mailed her asking her how high it too high? It seemed like my BP was really low the way I felt after the procedure, and wondered how high BP could make me so light headed.

This time I did have IV fluids, but the full IV bag wasn't even used, so that wouldn't cause such high BP. For me it seems 168/101 is very high me me, as my BP always runs really low. The nurses thought it was really high too.

It really helped to have such a nice and caring attending medical staff.

Anyway, I'm OK now other then being a little light headed---------and my usual symptoms. My BPs are back to being on the low side, and my heart rate is lower then it usually is in the mid 60s. B)

I'll go for a wound check Wednesday, and I think removal of stitches a week after that. Special stitches were used because of my EDS. I have to keep the full dressing on until Monday, then I can remove the big bandage, and leave on the steri-strips.

Now I can get my MRIs done for the orthopedic surgeon without worrying about this loop recorder heating up like it did the last time. We can use a more powerful MRI to get the best possible films.

Maxine :0)

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