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Mestinon Updates From Anyone?


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I'm still hesitant to try Mestinon...I had my asthma test (just mild asthma that is well under control). Their line of thought is...if my asthma is under control, why take a drug that may make it flare-up/worsen since I have so much to deal with already.

My doctor thinks it's worth a try - I can stop after a day, even, if I have issues.

I've read through older threads and it seems to work for a few people, but other people had no reaction/bad reaction.

The last thing I need is a horrid flare-up right before the holidays I have to get through (I have some extenuating family stuff to deal with, don't wel all)...be it with POTS, Asthma, or GI. My POTS has been bad enough, anything else would be miserable right now.

Is it fair to wait until after the holidays if I do want to 'give it a go?'

Also, I read about this online. Has anyone heard of it? I kinda need my Nasacort for the worst allergy seasons.

"PYRIDOSTIGMINE BROMIDE (in Mestinon Tablets) may interact with TRIAMCINOLONE (in Nasacort AQ)

This drug can decrease the efficacy of pyridostigmine in people with myasthenia gravis. This can make muscles weak. Some people may need help to breathe. Life support systems should be nearby if these drugs are used together.Ask your healthcare provider about these drugs and this potential interaction as soon as possible.

This interaction is well-documented and is considered major in severity."

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I would say that warning you read does not apply to you - it applies to patients with myasthenia gravis, which is what mestinon is intended to treat. Those patients can have a "myasthenic crisis" during which the weakness in their muscles would be severe - so much so that they would not be able to breathe on their own. So the warning is just saying that the nasacort may decrease how well the mestinon works - and if you have mg, you'd have to be careful.

Try it whenever you feel ready - has your doctor agreed to let you start w/ a lower dose?

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My son just saw Dr. Grubb on Thursday. Dr. G. said that Mestinon is one of the safest medications he prescribes and is the least likely to interfere with other medications. Both of my POTS kids are on Mestinon and both have asthma. Neither has had issues due to the Mestinon. My son is going to be starting on the time release version as soon as the pharmacy gets some (they'd never heard of it.) It doesn't cause the stomach upset problems that regular Mestinon can. Both of my children started on a quarter tablet and worked up slowly to the prescribed dose.

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Thank you all so much! I am going to start it after the holiday...I have my prescription filled.

I'm glad to hear that the two children with asthma have no problem with it, either (that was my 'big' concern)...so sad to hear your two babies have this, though. B) Hoping they will outgrow it as they reach adulthood!

Thank you so much again.

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