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Mini-update On Sara


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Well, so far, so good. Sara is feeling somewhat better after the implantation of her port. Getting all the infection out of her body has been a big boost. She has been able to be up more and was able to attend our Thanksgiving Day gathering. She was up for quite a while, but did have to lie down for a rest. She has had a few episodes with her b/p dropping and feeling very dizzy, lightheaded, and having those pre syncope feelings. Yesterday her b/p dropped to 83/53. She was feeling very bad about then. However, she did recover and felt better today. We go on Friday to get the stitches out of her incisions. Now we have to find out about the monthly flushing, whether we will have to go in to a doctors office, or whether I can be trained to do it at home.

Her PCP is going to check into the Autonomic Disorders-Mitral Valve Prolapse Center in Birmingham. Just wondering if they have anything more to offer than has been done so far. We'll see.

Gentle hugs to all------Susan

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