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Mike And I Are No Longer The Only Two With Pots


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Having taken Mike to the doctors to be signed back to college today after two weeks of rest , he now seems more 'Mike again'.

I was very worried as he took his diagnosis very badly and was so tearful , but thinking about it now I suppose if I was just coming up to 18 years old and had my whole life in front of me , then I started falling down , have a couple of beers and out of the blue go like some sort of mad depressed lunatic with no control over my body and feel like I'd run a marathon every day ...............well I'd want to bawl my eyes out to :(

But today he really is back to his crazy ( like mother , like son ) self , so off we went to do some shopping and get a cup of coffee before hand ..............as Mike stared to sprinkle lashings of salt onto some breakfast he had one of the waitresses came over and started to talk to us saying how much salt Mike had put on things .

I could see she was interested as we nattered away together and she was sort of asking me in a clever way about the condition ? so I told her that we both had this rare and somewhat strange condition ................off she went and came back with a piece of paper and handing it ot me said 'is it this' :blink::blink::blink:

yep.............her 21 year old son has been merrily falling down at work , has the horrendous leg pains we both get along with the indescribably painful bowel contractions :D I've given his mum the lead to this web site and told her to come to the forums for support and help , I've also given her the Torbay doctors name ( well I think I did ??? B) ) so hopefully we will have another lad for Mike to natter to about being in the UK , at the prime of your life and stuck with POTS.

But this isn't all :huh: , whilst at the doctors he let slip that there is yet another 18-19 old lad in the immediate area in which we live ( 30 mile radius from us ) so now that 3 lads in their late teens+ early twenties who have pots............ OMG what on earth is happening to the Devon area :) something in the water ??? or just sheer bad luck .

My idea now is to form the very first 'POTS Lads Group ' ( PLG) here in the village and get all three together to be able to talk about what its like , ask questions and just generally support each other , 3 lads of almost the same age is just unbelievable in such a small isolated area as ours, but then if this getting together works they will all be a great help and comfort to each other , because as we all know being able to talk to others like yourself in age, lifestyle, gender etc .............and actually having someone who knows what its like to have such strange things happening to you , well its like having a big fluffy blanket around you on a freezing day ..............you feel safe because your not alone anymore.

I'll let you know when I've found both of them and when I can get them together ............another lads night of nibbles, drinks and XBOX tournaments on the horizon I fear :o:o

Ami xxxxxxxxxxx

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Yeah my POTS doctor reckons it could be as common as one in 200 people! But that most people with it dont seek medical intervention unless they have it severe enough to warrant it - and ofcourse many are probably misdiagnosed as depressed/anxious, take an SSRI and notice some improvement so assume that they were anxious/depressed :blink:

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