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Who Do I Ask To Be Referred To??


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I know this question has been posted before, but I couldn't find much information in the archives. My cardiologist is willing to refer me to a dysautonomia specialist. I was diagnosed in 2003, so I don't need a diagnosis. I need someone who actually understands what is going on in my body. I haven't been to a neurologist since before my diagnosis when I was diagnosed with migraines and some nerve damage. My question is this, does anyone have a suggestion on who I should ask to be referred to?? I looked on the physician's list, but I would prefer to hear personal opinions from people receiving good care. My pcp and cardio don't seem to understand the severe fatigue. My pcp even told me she didn't "believe" in chronic fatigue syndrome. Since I'm getting worse every year, I need someone that understands this disorder in case I ever have to file for disability. I don't ever want to, but I don't know how much longer I can drive. I'm in Arkansas, and there aren't any specialists in my state. I know I'll have to travel, and I'm willing. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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