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Wanted To Share These Articles With Everyone


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Hi all!

I wanted to post a link to a website where I have been writing articles- including those about Dysautonomia. Warning-- I am not a professional writer :huh: and I am just starting to learn how this particular site and its publishing works (How you send things in isn't exactly how it is posted- so sometimes it doesn't make as much sense as it originally did) :blink: . But, I wanted to increase awareness of dysautonomia etc. So, I have written these two articles that have been published, and there are two others that have not yet been published. There is also likely more in the future-TBD.

The published pieces are actually parts 1 and 4 of a 4 piece series. So, they would make more sense when all are published together.

The link should be to the first part, and at the end of the article there should be a listing of other articles I have written, including the other dysautonomia articles.

I hope they make some kind of sense and I hope that they may help some people along the way.


Feel free to let me know what you think and of any ideas to write about in the future. ;) The second article is symptoms and the third is treatment.

Thanks!!! ;)

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Okay, I also wanted to add that I realize that the what works and doesn't article has a very confusing first statement. :) I posted a comment below the article to avoid confusion and have submitted that they edit it to be more accurate. I looked back at what I submitted- it did not say what was published. :huh:

There was not a problem to begin with... I guess someone misunderstood the point of that comment? But, hopefully it will be fixed soon. There was a comma in my sentence between the two thoughts and there was no word "with". It is confusing and frustrating! My brain fog was not that bad! :P

It is not my intention to put out there things that make no sense and that are inaccurate. I hope that I do not have many more problems like this! :)

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