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Still Down And Out

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Well I didn't start the avandia yet... I thought i'd give the Metformin a couple more days. I have noticed i'm not waking up at night, but i'm still VERY weak, dizzy, heart racing, etc etc... I am nervous about taking the avandia bc they don't know of its side affects during pregnancy. I'm NOT pregnant but stopping the pill sure does add to the concern... so I thought i'd give the Metformin till sat or sun and see what happens. Just tryin to be optimistic but it's so hard :(:( Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated! I can't believe he wants me to go from taking 1000 mg of Metformin a day to 4 mg of Avandia a day. I know they are different drugs, but good grief! should I go see the endochronologist????

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if you are still taking the metformin 1000mg have you thought of trying a lower dose before stopping it? I would ask your doctor but the BNF prescribing information suggests that a usual starting dose would be 500mg once a day, the 500mg twice a day gradually building up as needed to the maximum of 3000mg per day. A lot of us are very sensitive to medications so even 500mg may be too strong to start with?

You are right that you can't compare doses of metformin and avandia. It is a bit like trying to compare 2 litres of cola to 25mls of vodka - you wouldn't want to drink 2 litres of vodka (would kill almost anyone)!

If you switch to avandia (rosiglitazone) you need to be aware that it is one of the anti-diabetic drugs that can actually cause hypoglycaemia as a side-effect. Your doctor has probably already advised you to test your blood sugar frequently when starting it to avoid problems with hypos.

Hope you find the right med to balance your sugar levels soon.


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Guest Sandy Sims

Yes, I think you should.

As you saw on my other post, my insulin numbers are 10 times yours--and I was put on 500mg at night only--then today--one month later--he raised me by 1/2 a dose b4 lunch since I was having some highs after lunch.

I'd actually wanted to try 500 twice (and had another doc write me a script for 1,000)--but the endo today said metformin "can" cause lows with some of "us" hyperinsulin types so he'd prefer to work very slowly to be safe.

If you are having this side effect I'd for sure go to a diabetes doc--i.e. an endochrinologist.

However, I noticed I WAS much better on the drug the longer I stayed on it--and it takes --they say--25 days to fully adapt to metformin.

Also, I tried 1/2 at night and was back waking up again.

So the night dose for me HAS to be 500mg--but the day dose is working Ok at 250mg WITH proper diet. It would NOT work if I was drinking cokes and eating ice cream tho--LOL which is my guess as to why he's keeping me on as low a dose as possible so I HAVE to stay on my diet. But that also limits the side effects.

BTW these ARE different drugs--mg strength is NOT the same.

For metformin to work you MUST be on a proper diet--or else you WILL have highs and lows.

Your symptoms really sound like lows--or at least what MY lows feel like.

Which would be you're either getting too much med or not enough slow acting carb food. (whole grains--high fiber)

Go to diabetes assoc site maybe and make sure you're not under eating or eating improperly? Three times a day evenly spaced?

Also it needs to be taken with a full meal--including carbs--best are whole grain carbs.

Also IF you get diarrhea side effects you MUST drink more--if not at least a full bottle of water with each meal as sugar problems ARE tuff on kidneys. If you do not drink properly you WILL become dehydrated--which is a HUGE part of what Dys is about in the first place many say.


They make highs that then lead to BIG lows.

But the fact you are sleeping thru the night IS a good sign that the drug is working properly at night--just now have to get days figured out better maybe?

Hope this helps!



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Thanks for the replies. Yes I have tried backing off the dose... 500mg at night and 250mg in the morning. I'm so weak today I can hardly sit up. I have been eating properly, actually not bragging but I do know quite a bit about all that stuff, that's what I went to school for. But i'm sure even the most knowledgable person can make mistakes. and I had NO IDEA that avandia caused hypo side effects. No he didn't tell me to test, or if he did, I sure don't remember. That is so frustrating to me that my own doc has no clue (wait, been here before!!!!) I just am so frustrated i don't know what to do! I guess i'll call the endo and see if I can get an appointment. I did sleep through the night, like I said, but still am just so weak and feel AWFUL! I think i'll ask the endo to go talk with a dietician.. can't hurt any. (unless I can't drive there! haha) well I better get off here before I pass out. Thanks again.

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Guest Sandy Sims

Maybe this will help.

I've posted this link a million times. Folks PLEASe try it!!!


It's free--and gives you a place to save your current meds list and type in the name of a new one to check for drug interactions B4 you take something new!!! Also gives food interactions and over the counter drug interactions.

Also has tons of info on side effects and such on all sorts of drugs and vitamins.

Had my follow up yesterday. Doc said do NOT take my 250mg metformin at b'fast--as I'm likely low then--besides it might leave me with spikes after lunch still. Eat a solid b'fast and then take it with a solid lunch instead. He wanted me to ONLY eat three meals a day--but well-balanced ones--and at the same time.

My appt lasted 3 minutes--and went off great. BUT I'd worn thru 100 strips testing--had a graph showing EXACLY what my blood sugar was doing during the day along with my diet records of EVERYTHING I ate that I kept for my dietican.

Made it simple.

It was odd to talk to him after watching your situation. I'd thought I "might" need another 250mg.

But what I needed was to take my extra 250mg at the right time. He warned me that "some" of us hyperinsulin folks had more problems with "lows" and he feared I'd drop low if I took too much. This is something they know if your A1c (a three month average test) is normal or on the low side of normal (less than 6.0)

Diet was the key--and getting the dose right--and at the right time. The ONLY way to know this was all the sticks I did--and diet records.

At one point I was sticking before EVERY meal--and every 30mintes to an hour after starting to eat each meal. Eating similar meals at the same time each day made this easy to see.

I was testing every hour after meals so long as levels hit the 75-140 range--every 30 minutes if outside that--every 15 minutes if outside that twice in a row.

Also if I felt dizzy or weak I was sticking no less than every 30 minutes. WAS tuff! All my fingers were black and blue! yes you CAN test on arms, but it's NOT as reliable. In just a few days a pretty clear picture was obvious. Then I KNEW when I needed to stick to show a "trend."

Then I hooked my free machine to the computer and got a graph out that showed EXACTLY when I went high and low--made it VERY simple to adjust meds. and see what was going on and why.

Unlike my mysterious Dys diagnosis--this one CAN be shown easily by me on paper--I can test and get results myself! Just takes lots of stuck fingers and stable diet for a few weeks.

BTW he warned me that curing this is a marathon--not a sprint. Would take at least 6 months of stable diet and meds to turn off this reaction--since it had been turned on for so long.

But for me getting to sleep again--and being able to test for myself has made it all MUCH easier!

Also having weekly dietican visits to see my progess on changing fat mass to muscle--shows my sugar control. I was on what I thought was a VERY strict diet b4 this. And I WAS for sugar--but not so much for carbs as I'd thought. Who knew I could ONLY eat a portion of carbs and one of protien each meal the size of a computer mouse? The rest is supposed to be veggies? That one glass of juice could throw me into sugar shock? Or a baked potato? Who knew how much snacking I'd been doing? A glass of skim milk has carbs? When I write it all down it is MUCH different than I thought!

Who knew when I didn't eat carbs for breakfast I was dropping lows that wrecked my whole day? Or if I ate a sandwich for lunch I'd spike a high that lasted 4 or 5 hours?

The strips to test and know for sure are avialable at ANY drug store without a prescription--tho with one insurance covers them. Also most new testing meters can now be had for FREE!

Hope this helps.

Again feel free to call--you have the number--if you want.

Still think maybe a endo is a plan here until you get stable on meds.

Also-am very sorry for your troubles.



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Sorry sweetie. I know how hard this is, with seemingly no end in sight.

My own experience affirms Sandy's doc's statement about this being a marathon. It took me six months of diet changes and constant monitoring and tweaking diet even more before I stablized. I now wake up around 85 and can even eat a slice of pizza without getting above 115. Before I was all over the map.

I am now off the BCP for 7 weeks -- don't know if that has helped but it may have as well.

Hang in there. Read everything you can on reactive hypoglycimia and see if your own scientific trials with your med and diet don't shed some light on the next step thst is right for you.

Gentle hugs.


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Thanks for all the advice, Sandy! Man, I wish I would have read about not taking the medicine in the morning before now!!! I just took it :blink: oh well now i know for tomorrow. That makes sense though... and I'm glad you said something about how often to test. You know, I was at 204 the other day and my doc said "oh everyone goes that high every now and then" and this was over 2 hours after I had eaten.. so frustrating.. so when i'm that high i'm gonna test every 15 min like you said and 30-1 hour depending on where i'm at. I'm going to look and see if my machine has graphing abilities. I don't think it does but I have to use it bc my brother in law gave me 400 free strips from the same type of machine... I can just graph it myself, I guess... I really appreciate the insight.. I have an appointment to see the endo next week but hopefully they'll call with a cancellation. Thanks to everyone who has given kind words. This is so frustrating!!!! Just trying to keep positive that it will get better soon :blink::)

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Guest Sandy Sims

How old are those strips?

Have they been refrigerated?

Do you have the little bottle of test solution to see if they're still good?

This is--well--REALLY important!

They taught us 60 days on open strips--90 if not refrigerated???? The "good til" dates on the side are NOT exactly true.

But don't throw them away--they have a tiny bottle of test solution with the machines so you can test them with this instead of blood to see if they work--the bottle shows the "accurate" range that it should test out to be on the side of it.

Call me if you need to know how to do this. But unless they are brand new--show long "good til" dates--have not been opened--and HAVE had one strip from each bottle tested--you may be going on completely wrong info!!



BTW new machines are free--check at ANY drug store--and come with test solution, lances, and 10 free strips. Get doc to write a prescription for more strips and insurance WILL pay for them. BTW to NOT have you testing and give you this prescription to do so==WHILE he has you are on blood sugar drugs is--well--IMHO -- malpractice. You MUST be testing while taking these drugs--you can NOT go on symtpoms alone as a cold, excercise, stress, foods, even over the counter drugs and lots of things can affect blood sugar. Only lots of testing at first will tell you what affects YOU.

BTW part two.

Taking meds at lunch? This is what MY endo said for ME to do. I have no idea when you're running high--or low--to know when it's best for you to take meds. Was trying to make the point that you need to test often so you WILL know whats going on!

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wish i had some wise words of wisdom, but i really hope you get some relief, i was thinking of trying metformin, but after hearing about your experience, i decided against it since i dont eat enough and dont need any more lows in blood sugar, wish you the best



Please don't take my experience to be the same as yours. you may have totally different results! Just remember we're all different and something that may not work for someone may work for someone else. Have you had the 3 hour gtt test with insulin tested? If you have the same problem, it would be a good idea to at least try the Metformin if your Dr says to. Hope you're doing good!


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Guest Sandy Sims

I don't want to slam your doctor.


Here's this list of drugs you are NOT supposed to take with metformin!!!


Amiloride (Moduretic)

Calcium channel blockers (heart medications) such as Calan, Isoptin, and Procardia

Cimetidine (Tagamet)

Decongestant, airway-opening drugs such as Sudafed and Ventolin

Digoxin (Lanoxin)

Estrogens such as Premarin

Furosemide (Lasix)

Glyburide (Micronase)

Isoniazid (Rifamate), a drug used for tuberculosis

Major tranquilizers such as Thorazine


Niacin B-3 (Niaspan) (B-3 May be in some multi-vitamins)

Nifedipine (Adalat, Procardia)

Oral contraceptives

Phenytoin (Dilantin)

Procainamide (Procanbid, Pronestyl)

Quinidine (Quinidex)


Ranitidine (Zantac)

Steroids such as prednisone (Deltasone)

Thyroid hormones such as Synthroid

Triamterene (Dyazide, Dyrenium)

Trimethoprim (Bactrim, Septra)

Vancomycin (Vancocin)

Water pills (diuretics) such as HydroDIURIL, Dyazide, and Moduretic

No wonder you've been ill!!!!

No birth control pills!!!

Also says in this article NOT to drink alcohol. (not saying anyone has--just that it's a pretty common thing for some folks to do so they should know not to)

Please read this article--I just re-read it and found I'd forgotten some of this myself.

It gives you pretty much all the info I was given when I was first put on this drug--and I'm now guessing you weren't told much of this?

I have not been feeling well the past couple of days myself--and getting worse--and couldn't figure out why. I've had a kidney infection so I'd blamed that. But I'd NOT thought about the fact that I tend to drink 1/2 cup lemon juice in a bottle of water 2 or 3 times a day because I have kidney stones. I'd forgotten to do this lately--then when I got an infection I started it up HEAVY. Lots of Acid? With metformin? NOT A PLAN EITHER! Just ate some tums (a base) to try to neutralize it.

Guys this drug HAS helped me a bunch--and IS one of the most prescribed drugs there is. HOWEVER--it IS a metabolic adjusting compound and can NOT be taken lightly. Also I think dys patients are suseptible to drugs and need to go even more slowly and carefully with each thing we try to take.

On another note. I won't call names--nor am I saying anyone here is doing this, but I've heard of patients buying drugs online and just taking them. DO NOT DO THIS WITH METFORMIN!!! This drug is pretty safe--WHEN USED AS DIRECTED. AND TAKEN FOR THE PURPOSE INTENDED!


You MUST get tested first to know you need this--taking it otherwise is VERY dangerous.

Hope this helps explain some things.



Edited by Sandy Sims
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I definately didn't buy it off the internet. It was prescribed by the doctor. I am having all the side effects that it listed; weakeness, tiredness, muscle aches, dizziness... I think I may just stop taking it all together until I can see the endochronologist next Thurs. It's not like it's helping anyway..

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