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Sara Is Home From The Hospital !!!


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Well, we got Sara home from the hospital on Friday. She seems to be doing pretty well. Her temp has stayed down and she does feel better than she did when she was admitted. The doctor sent her home on anitbiotics, however. Guess he wants to be sure shes "well". Between the doctor, Sara, and the rest of her family, we have opted to put off the port-a-cath for now. Her doctor wants to see if she can stay well enough to not need it. He says we can always put one in if it becomes necessary. She feels like she's been set free after over 2 years of having tubing coming out of her chest. I remain hopefully optimistic. With her track record, however, I'm a little aprehensive. Thanks to all of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers.

Susan :)

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Oh Susan,

That is fabulous news! I was just about to post and ask about Sara. I'm going to keep praying that she continues to recover and a port will not be necessary. Rest and rejoice.



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