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neck problems


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hey everyone.

im having alot of discomfort in my neck.everytime i tilt my head back i get my pots symptoms and pass out. this has happened ever since i had pots.it also feels like someones constantly pressing on my spine in my neck with there fingers its so uncomfortable and it keeps swelling up .i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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thanx for replying.ive tried telling the doctors right from the start.i can cope with my pots symptoms usually but when my neck is touched or moved it sets all my pots symptoms off especially my fainting.im due to go into hospital for 5 days soon because the doctors want to find the cause of my pots.its just has so much pressure on it and its so uncomfortable its driving me crazy.

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I agree, they definitely need to do some testing to find out why this is happening. Hopefully it will be something correctable- POTS patients often have a variety of problems with the neck, though. It's hard to say until you get it looked at. Good luck!!

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Guest Julia59


Please see that an MRI is ordered before you get worse. Doctors wouldn't take me seriously for a long time---and now my neck is a mess. I found out I had congenital cervical stenosis, brain stem compression by two prominant vertabral arteries, two herniated disks which needed immediate surgery, and now i'm told by a second surgeon that I have cervical cranial instability.

I went to a chiropractor once----AND NEVER AGAIN---NOT FOR MY NECK! It only contributed to my problems and could have been very dangerous.

However, I went to a chiropractor for my pelvis/hip problem---and it worked out fine. Necks are very delicate, and a lot can go wrong---and personally I would not recommend a chiropractor until anything serious is ruled out.

You need to push the issue until you get the testing needed.

Julie :0)

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wow! i have that too, and honestly i never paid a bit of attention to it. when i swallow my pills, boom, i get dizzy when i tilt my head back. and i am wearing a thermacare on it right now b/c i can't stand the pressure against it and it drives me bonkers.

anyway, i do need to hit the sack, but i wanted to respond and say two things...

1. i agree about getting an mri to look for stenosis and chiari malformation.

2. i don't know if i would be alarmed at all...

i just went to see a new ans doctor who suggested that i have MOVEMENT RESTRICTIONS...whcih can actually cause or contribute to POTS.

i have been planning to post on this soon but just haven't felt up to it...but i will as soon as i can. so watch for that post and i will try to explain it all better.

basically, though, you can find out if you have them through a simple PT exam, and then get PT to get rid of the restrictions. this is a first step before looking into more drastic measures such as surgery.

hard to sum it up...but i am so excited about this new perspective on possible causes of POTS....

more later! just wanted you to know that it was so funny that you just posted on that, and i just had a doctor specifically ask me if i got symptoms when i moved my neck!


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okay, oops...

p.s. i don't pass out, and also, i don't have the swelling...so maybe i am not on the right track here...sorry...but your other symptoms of the tenderness to the touch, and the dizziness from moving your neck certain ways are exactly what i talked about with this doctor.

is it worse after you've moved your neck more? better when you rest it?

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thanx all for replying.i had an mri of my head in december as they thought id had a stroke but they couldnt find anything i still have numbness and weakness all down my right side but would that have shown anything up of my neck i dont know then again i dont think it scanned my neck just my brain.when i was in hospital before they always told me nothing could go wrong with my neck i was always complaining about it they were gona do an mri on it but they refered me to a phychiratist in stead.thanx again it just seems to be getting worse its painful like a burning pain.oh and dancinglight it is worse when i move my neck better if i can keep it straight.sorry i dont think any of this makes sense i hope it does.

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