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Hi all

So here's the story - I have been on Wellbutrin for almost a year - 200mg of the SR (100mg 2/day). I initially went as high as 250mg but also developed severe headaches and dropped to 200mg which seemed to help. Well I continue to have headaches that can get severe and am sick of it so recently decided to drop down again to see if my headaches got better. A couple of weeks ago we dropped to 150mg but it was the XL version so only 1 a day. Not sure if it's related but my reflux got really bad while I was on it and since my mood has been good I got cocky and thought I should try getting off it all together to see how my headaches were. So over the weekend I dropped to 100mg of the SR - which is shorter acting - and I've been miserable. Almost as soon as I took the SR my autonomic system went a little nuts - and I cant' help but wonder if it got used to the XL version - can't figure out whey else it would be reacting this way since I took it for almost a year. But for the last few days I've taken just 100mg and I have lots of orthostatic symptoms, tachycardia, surges, etc... really almost how I felt coming off the prednisone. So maybe it is just true withdrawal. The thing is that I talked to my psychiatrist about this and it's annoying because wellbutrin is supposed to be pretty easy to come off of - of course she's not too surprised because she knows my body reacts so strongly to drugs now.

Point of this post? Has anybody else tried coming off wellbutrin and had autonomic flares? At this point I don't know if I should just go back on it to get back to "normal" and deal with the headaches or if I should try to come off.

Any advice?

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I have autonomic flares coming off of any med. It doesn't seem to matter if the med is said to have withdrawal symptoms or not. I'm so sensitive that everything gets me. So while I haven't been in this specific position, I wouldn't be surprised if you are feeling autonomic stuff.


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