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Enlarged Occipital Bone On My Left Side

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So the Occipital bone is two boney protrusions that stick out slightly at the base of the neck and the skull. step02_2080_1_1_2011.jpg

It's a popular pressure point for massage therapists to work---a lot of people hold tension there and it feels really good when you press on the ligaments and muscles connecting the neck to the skull around there.

I was getting a deep tissue massage over the weekend, and the lady pointed out to me that my left side's bone is a LOT larger than my right side. Not the muscle, but the boney part of my skull. It sticks out farther and has more width. When she pushed on it, that side hurt a lot more than the other one too. I can't lay down with my head facing my left because of that area, it just gets too tight and uncomfortable, so I only lay with my head facing to the right. I never noticed that this deformation was the reason for that.

Thing is, many parts of everyone's bodies are not symmetrical. My ribs are all out of place too which makes sitting in some positions uncomfortable, but that isn't exactly a medical problem because a lot of people deal with that.

In the past though, I've looked into different malformations that can effect the spinal fluid, and that part of the neck is one of the areas that I remember looking into.

I've had an MRI a while ago though and my Neuro looked through it (quickly, might I add) and didn't see anything that worried her. No one else has noticed this enlargement, but maybe because it's too normal to even look into.

Anyone else notice symmetry problems with the back of their skull where their spinal chord connects (bone, not muscle)? Has anyone ever had a doctor specifically check that part of their neck?

I'm being checked for so many possible causes of POTS that I feel like a hypochondriac sometimes so I want to run this by you guys first before I even think about mentioning it to an intelligent doctor ;p It would be interesting if any of the Chiari people could chime in about their physical defects.

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