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Where Can You Find A Gastroenterologist Doctor In Georgia


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hi ken-

it's very unlikely that anyone on the forum is going to be able to recommend a GI doctor for you in that specific area. do you have a primary doctor? or any other doctor you see for that matter that you feel decent about? if so, asking that person, or even just the office s/he works in, might be a good place to start. if you see any doctors that are affiliated with a particular hospital system that also might be a direction to take, as there are definitely advantages when you see multiple specialists to having them in the same system; it makes it easier for them to share records (blood work, testing, clinic notes, etc) and, as such, can facilitate the coordination of your care. it also makes it more likely that they might know each other, though obviously that's not a certainty. if you get a recommendation from someone for a doc in a different system i'm by no means telling you not to pursue that lead; rather i'm just trying to help you with some other routes to pursue while pointing out the advantage(s) each might have.

hope this helps,

:blink: melissa

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