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Parking Ticket

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Hey Everyone-

Had this happen to me last night and am shocked, shocked that this kind of thing occurs. I went to visit a friend at his dorm and wound up staying the night because I was too tired to drive home. That's all well and good. I parked my car in a handicapped spot on campus, and there are no handicapped spots for visitors. I got an $85 dollar ticket this morning for parking in a handicapped space. The officer actually wrote down that I had a handicapped decal and parked in a handicapped space, AND GAVE ME A TICKET!!!!!!!

I am absolutely livid. My friend called campus safety (who gave out the ticket) and was told that because I had been seen walking around campus, I obviously didn't NEED the sticker and therefore got a ticket - also that I should have parked in the visitors lot, which is a good 1/2 mile walk from his dorm. A) They have NO right to say that and :) Do you really expect me to walk a half mile? Especially when there are no handicapped spaces in that lot? The officer also said that I should "just be able to" walk it, or that my friend should drop me off, go park my car, then walk back. THIS IS CRAZY!!

Thanks for letting me vent. I AM NOT PAYING THIS TICKET!!


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Poor dear. So sorry you had to experience that. Do remember that campus saftey "officers" live in their own small world and giving out "tickets" makes them feel important in an otherwise meaningless existence. ;-)

Take the ticket to your Dean of Students and file a harrassment complaint against the "officer".

Good luck on your own healing journey.


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I would be LIVID too. You shouldn't have to pay and hopefully they will realize that if you explain why you have the permit. Maybe this is an opportunity to educate the ignorant that people who look fine on the outside can still be very ill...and hopefully, as a bonus, the officer gets in trouble for being such a jerk!

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You do need to follow up with whoever the authority is over the ticketing to file a formal complaint; just because they see you walking okay, it doesn't mean you're not disabled. Do they have x-ray vision to see your heart issues?? Goodness gracious! If you just fail to pay the ticket without following up (it might even mean going to court--the instructions are usually on the back of the ticket) you might end up with a warrant out for your arrest and your car might get towed.


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This kind of stuff makes me absolutely crazy!! Chrissy received a ticket at her own college for the same thing. There were no spots in the student lot so she parked in a handicapped spot, with her handicap sticker and lo and behold the almighty rent a cop gave her a ticket. They're not worth the time or energy, but if cost weren't an issue, wouldn't it be nice to make a photocopy of EACH AND EVERY piece of medical information you have on yourself (MRI'S, CAT scans, lab work, etc.) and throw that at them! I'd love to see their faces! :( Although knowing the arrogance of most of these schools, it won't phase them. (I'm not too bitter, am I?!!!) Like I said they're not worth it, it just makes me so angry that you have to prove yourself to them.

Good luck with appealing---don't let them get to you and whatever you do DON'T PAY!!


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Sara, I can well understand your anger over this ,disabled discrimination in the Uk is awful even at the one place you would think that it couldnt possibly be , take my sons college.

My son Mike who has been awarded his blue parking badge ( UK) is NOT ALLOWED to park in his own colleges blue badge parking bays :( and have a guess why ?

Well here ,take your pick because each time I tell them what they have said is unlawful they come back with another reason ............they are all outrageous and unlawful and are making the college look like the are discrimination towards Mike. By the way there are 3 bays and also a larger dropping off bay for small vans/ coaches for the disabled.

reasons number 1 to 5 so far :

1: Other disabled people who a have a worse condition then Mike need to park in the bays .

My answer was: How dare you pass a medical assessment on my sons condition when you have no idea what it is or what it does to him , who gave the college's parking attendant a medical degree ?

2: If Mike parks his scooter in a bay all scooter riders will park in them.

My Answer was : That's your problem , not Mikes, put up a large sign saying that the bays are for disabled car and bike riders only if your worried.

3: The bays are only for disabled visitors to use.

My Answer was: I suggest you check your own disability statement on your college site as you clearly state that you have disabled parking bays for your disabled students to use whilst at college. Also if these are only for visitors why do other disabled students use them and why have a visitors car park 5 meters away !

4: The disabled bays are not for long term use and as Mike is a full time student this is not allowed.

My Answer was : NO council owned disabled car park ( which this is ) has a time limit and in any case Mike is not at college from 9 to 5 five days a week. He is at college is 5 hours a day , some days less and only four days a week .

5:We have decided to give Mike a parking place just away from the disabled bays , but if any damage is done its not our fault.

My answer to this was : Telling my son to park his brand new bike next to the huge college rubbish bins and recycling bins when you know that the chances of getting damage from items put in to them or when the rubbish is removed from them is around 90% and then telling him that if damage is done 'its nothing to do with us' is not acceptable. By refusing my son the right to park outside of the college in a designated blue badge bay when he is the lawful holder of a blue badge is unlawful and unjust and I will be seeking legal council.

I am now in talks with the disabled law centre in Devon and hope to bring this college to its knees over this and at least 5 other problems they seem to think they can get away with because Mike is not able to fight for his rights on his own .

I expected more of a place of learning after all these people are supposed to be of higher intelligence and so have a better understanding of the needs of the disabled ..............not less.

As a disabled mum with a disabled son I will not let this college walk over my son and make him suffer because they think they know best , best for whom , its obvious not my son but the selfish people who do nothing to assist my son when they know they should .

Sara, you challenge them by saying who gave the college or who ever it was a medical degree and why has the college listened to a student or member of staff who knows nothing of your medical condition or abilities to walk , ask them if they are claiming that you are in possession of a disabled parking badge unlawfully becuase of they are suggesting this then they will obviously be willing to make this statement in court .If this doesn't make them back off then they are fools and deserve to be legally taken down a peg or to , best of luck .

Ami .

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That is just awful! But, it seems that there will always be people who don't "get it" for whatever reason. They have no jurisdiction to decide whether or not you are disabled enough. That is not their place. If you have the decal in your name there should be no problem. I wish that people would not be so quick to judge prior to taking such a strong action. Due to that they did take that action and with everything I am aware of, what they did was illegal. So, yes fight it and make sure that the university knows that their staff is discriminating against those with disabilities and are not complying with ADA laws.

As a hint, I had some issues regarding disability with a university. I am not sure if you are a student or not, or even if it matters, but when I was going through all of this I worked with the university's ADA Coordinator. They are a lawyer that works to make sure that the school complies with ADA regulations. I know from looking at the website before for his office he also is in charge of making sure that buidings and lots are handicapped accessible etc. So, if this school has one I would make sure to contact them to make them aware of the situation, and that they may ne able to help you out. They are employed to protect student, faculty, staff, and visitors (I think) rights according to ADA. They do not "work" for the school. I know in my case they did work for me and not take the schools side automatically. So, it would be worth looking into. :(

Good luck and let us know how it goes! ;)

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I'm extremely angry about this. Wow, I have to make this post short before I get too angry. Please, please go to court about it and file a complaint against the officer. He needs to know PERSONALLY that this is illegal and he is not the judge of who is disabled and who isn't. That is a doctor's job. That is all I have to say before I pass out from being too angry.

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Please, please go to court about it and file a complaint against the officer.

I have to second what MelissaReid said, because I just saw this and I'm livid. Follow up on this, and persue any and all means to have this ignorant officer repremanded.


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