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My Wedding!


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I'm getting married this Saturday! Thankfully I am not having any Pots related issues, but I am pregnant and am having lots of fun morning sickness which in reality is more like all day sickness. I'm getting really nervous that I will feel like crap and not make it through the day. After consulting with doctors we were told we would be lucky with all my medical issues to get pregnant so it's definitely a blessing! I'm just worried about getting through this one day of my life that I want to go so perfectly....

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I was also pregnant when I got married. I was not diagnosed with POTS and was over morning sickness by the time we had our ceremony, but I understand your challenges and concerns! I basically felt well at the time, but had episodes of lightheadedness and was worried I might faint.

Try not to focus on making sure everything is perfect and instead focus on enjoying your special day! My day did not go perfectly (nothing to do with POTS/pregnancy)--not sure anyone's does--regardless it was a happy day.

Congratulations and good luck with the ceremony and your new life!

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Good luck on your wedding day! I'll say a little prayer for you that all goes well. My son just got married on the 20th, and I was so afraid I would ruin his wedding with a POTs meltdown. I only have one son, and one time to take it all in.

All went well, and I'm so grateful.

It will go well for you too, and you'll be able to take in all the joy.

I remember when I got married both times. The first time was June 17th, 1978 in the very hot summer (95 that day), and I was only 19. The second time was Oct. 8th, 1988, and I was 29, and felt a little more nervous, but everything went fine. If I could do it over, I would have been more in the moment and taken in ALL the joy---- :)

I started getting POTS symptoms in my first marriage at age 22 on and off, but didn't have a diagnosis. I did not crash with severe POTs symptoms until 2000. I had no symptoms at the time of both weddings.

Take in all the joy and happiness.


Maxine :0)

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