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Dear All moms

I read your posts the other day about your pregnancies and I got petrified. I have mentioned that I have to leave all medication before I can start my family. I feel like death warmed up lately and cannot imagine my life with out medication. I sometimes wonder if I am lacking maturity about this topic. But I am scared, very scared. Imagine life being very difficult and hard and then taking your medication away. What lies ahead for me?

Can’t I leave my medication once I fall pregnant?

How many of you stayed on your medication?

Is there anything wrong with your babies?

What can I expect during my 9 months?

I don’t want to be a burden on my husband due to a bad decision made in life. The way I am feeling lately I don’t have the guts to leave my medication. My clock is ticking and what to do, what to do? :rolleyes: Easy for a doctor to say leave, come live in my body for a week and we will talk again. :lol:

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Hi Ling

this is a very heavy subject you started. I can't give you any advise just something to think over. POTS hit me when my youngest child was 5. I felt it very hard not to be able to do the things with him I did with our oldest son. I couldn't play outside with him, I couldn't take him to a movie, I couldn't watch him play football or tennis anymore (untill I got my wheelchair and someone to ride me), I coul'dn't teach him to ride his bike and so on and so on. I felt very very guilty about that and cried many many many tears. At the same time there are always things left like listening to his schoolstories, play chess, help him to do homework, watch a movie on tv together etc. I think we're blessed to have two healthy and very helpful children but I know there was a time I really was glad he was old enough to take a shower on his own, to go to school on his own and things like that. At that time I thought I could never handle a little one (meaning a baby) anymore. BUT: I know that when you have some people around you to help with the bay or take the baby for a walk or something like that it COULD be possible. I think it's something you have to talk and think about very seriously. Don't mean to scare you off, don't mean to tell you it's a piece of cake. Whatever decision you take, when it's wellconsidered it's the right decision. Whish you lots of wisdom.


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I love Corina's reply--it is full of wisdom.

There ARE many things to consider when choosing pregnancy--whether you are ill or not. If you are ill, there are even more things to think about. For anyone, the choice to have a child is sort of a leap of faith. You think carefully as you can about it, and if you chose to go forward, you do it with the awareness that there are many unknowns. I think becoming a parent means accepting a lot of loss of control over your part of the universe, that you may have felt you had before.

Many women with POTS have successful pregnancies. Unfortunately, with our condition, it is pretty hard to predict at all how you will feel and how your health will be during pregnancy (for some it improves for others not) and afterwards. In my individual case, I didn't know I had POTS until post partum. My pregnancy was very very difficult for me physically in the late 2nd and much of the 3rd trimester, but in the end, I had a healthy baby girl, born at term. POTS did not appear to affect her fetal development in any way--it just took a physical toll on me. Still, I would do it again--even if I knew beforehand how hard it would be. That said, I personally do not intend another, b/c of problems I had at birth (that may not be POTS-related--may be related to my daughter's large size and that I had a fibroid--although I did have about 5 days of elevated blood pressure at the end of the pregnancy that probably was POTS related) and also my concern that my POTS could be a lot worse the 2nd time around, and also that I personally choose to have one child biologically.

Do you have to go off all meds? Is that what your doctor recommends, or is that your preference? I am with you regarding concern about the potential effect of meds on the baby, but I think some POTS meds are considered safe during pregnancy. Perhaps you can explore that some more with your doctor and also by learning about the meds taken by other women with POTS who have taken meds during pregnancy.

Children, young children especially, require a lot of energy. However, like Corina says, it does, as they say, "take a village to raise a child". Things that you can't do could be done by others, if you have that support available. Your love will shine through with the things you are able to do.

Good luck with your decision.


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Beta blocker use during pregnancy is associated with a half-pound reduction in birthweight, but some doctors figure this is worth it if the mother is going to have problems the whole pregnancy without the beta blocker. My POTS came on just days after having my daughter. I also had pregnancy-induced hypertension and was found to have a genetic clotting disorder that caused a poor formation of the placenta, so she suffered growth restriction. She is fine now so far, and these things are probably not POTS-related. But myself, Katherine (MomtoGiuliana) and Jessica (ethansmom) all did have blood pressure issues with pregnancy. I personally don't think this is coincidental; I feel that if you have autonomic problems, that BP is going to fluctuate more when you body is under the stress of pregnancy. However, this is a totally nonmedical opinion and more of a gut feeling.

I would get a consult with a perinatologist -- a high-risk OB who can tell you specifics on how you would be monitored. BP tends to decrease a bit in pregnancy if you are normal, so if you already have low BP, it could get worse. But that's not to say salt and fluids couldn't keep it up.

There are risks, but for me, they were all worth it. And even though my body is a disaster right now, I am trying so hard to do it all over again.


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Hi Kim! Truthfully, there is no way to tell how your pregnancy will be- as the other moms on this board have commented, some of us do very well and others feel bad. Like you, I was absolutely terrified to be without my medications- but I weaned from them slowly, and was even allowed to remain on some of them for different parts of the pregnancy. You would be surprised how many meds are safe for use in pregnant and nursing moms. I took my beta blocker the whole 9 months- and although Ethan was a little small for a full term baby (6.0 lbs), he is absolutelt normal and healthy- in fact he's only been sick once since he was born. My doctor and I had discussed the risk of having a smaller baby dueto the BB, although he felt it was more beneficial for me to stay on the meds, we just lowered the dosage. Now that I know I did so well, I wish I would have stopped them all from the beginning- I really don't think I needed to be on them. I ended up stopping them immediately after Ethan was born so I could breastfeed, and I did absolutely fine for many months with no medication. So I was worried for nothing!! Therefore, I think you should take it one day at a time- go with your body's signals. It will tell you if you will be able to do this or not. I wish you and Mario the best in your venture to start a family- I know you've been waiting for so long!!

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Time is flying by! I can't beleive you are about halfway through your pregnancy already. Are you feeling better as it progresses? I hope so! I am always curious when we get a new expectant mother, to see how she does along the way- although I'm sure you'll keep us posted. Are you getting excited?

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I have to leave all medication. Even my pain tablets. I wont even be aloud to go for my injections when the pain gets to bad to handle. I wont be able to take medication when I start shaking like crazy. Life is just so hard as it is I can’t imagine life with out my medication. I think I need to find a new Cardiologist. Mine is going on pension at the end of the year. Thank you all so much for the advice. You are all just amazing. :unsure:

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Can you tell us what medications you are taking, that you are going to have to stop? Has your doctor evaluated their safety for use during pregnancy? There are so many that are considered safe these days, if used with caution...so it might be in your best interest to do as much research as possible to make your decision (unless of course, you have decided that you definitely don't want to take any meds during your pregnancy. Just some things to think about :unsure:

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Spelling might be wrong


Inderal 160 mg

Effortil twice a day

Tripaleen in the evenings.

Pregnancy tablets,Folic acid,Calcium and a multi vitamin

Atarax when I have an attack

Brufen when the pain gets to much

Melodeen ? To stop me menstruating until I am ready to start my family. I think that is all. Hardly anything anymore. I use to take nearly 30 tablets a day. They did not work so we stop them. :D

I can only take my vitamins and folic acid. The rest I have to stop????? ;) I have an appointment with a new Cardio in 8 weeks. He says he has worked with Pots before. So lets see..... ;)

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That's quite a list :D Inderal is a Category "C" drug, which means it's safety during pregancy has not been evaluated. That said, I would talk to your doctor about trying a different beta blocker that would be a Category A or B (considered relatively safe)? And Atarax is contraindicated because it has not been evaluated in pregnant women as of yet. And ibuprofen (brufen) is also a pregnancy category "C" I beleive- but it is safe for use during lactation. Those are just examples...you might want to do an internet search for all your medications and bring any information you find to your doctor to discuss the alternatives. I wish you the best :)

P.S. I e-mailed you back!!

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