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Implantable Loop Recorder


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Hi everyone...

about 2 wks or so ago I had my loop recorder put in... during my procedure they gave me phenergan and a couple doses of uhm fentanyl I think?? or something along them lines.. that sounds like that.. my mind is fuzz on the drug name...I've never had that before...well anyways after my procedure was all done..i soent the day at the hospital and got fluids ran thru and some IV anti-biotics... went home.... and slept most of the rest of the day and the thru most the wknd.

Well..my ANS didnt flip out until early sunday morning... and I've had alot of tachycardia and a GREAT deal of very near syncope since then.. and the feeling of near syncope is acutally increasing despite my salt and fluid loading.

the near syncope is bad..I feel right on the verge of going up..and have that yucky warm flushy feeling.. instantly upon going upright.. UGH i hate that....

it has been 2 wks.. my incision is healing up good.. no signs of injection or anything... but my ANS is just having a hayday on my body in general.

I wasnt sure if the procedure set it and that with combination of change of seasons and the crazy all over the map weather we been having..I dont know...

But i do know that i'm quite tachy feelling dizzy.. fainty and uh got some werid tinglies going on in my face.. along with incresed exhaustion..(more then my normal exhaustion i complain on here about)

So to those who've had this did you all react this way?



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Hi Dizz,

my first reveal went in ok and I felt fine that day but then crashed with fatigue - I spent 4 days in bed and had to take a week off work whilst I recovered. I did get a wound infection with that 1st one but it cleared with antibiotics.

A year ago I had the first reveal taken out and a new one put in, that time I was back to normal within 2 days but took a week off work anyway so as not to tire myself.

Sometimes a simple procedure can put a lot of stress on your body and wipe you out for several weeks. Perhaps the combination of the reveal and the weather together is knocking you down? I hope you're feeling a bit better soon. Don't forget to activate your device if you do have a blackout or funny do!


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Hello - I have had several surgeries/procedures in the last two years including the insertion of a loop recorder. I was blessed that I didn't have the major flare-ups after these procedures as many others have. However, your symptoms are exactly what I go through in response to other types of stress. If I have a really emotional day or am out doing something more strenuous than usual, I will get just like you are describing for several days. I don't know why I have been spared the bad flares after surgeries (and I've had 8) and others aren't. It's odd because I am allergic to so many drugs and usually do not respond well to medication but I do okay with sedating drugs and anesthesia. I guess my body just likes the hard stuff ;) I also think though that my Drs. do a really good job of keeping me full of fluids and salt when I am under since they know my condition so well. ......hope you are feeling better very soon.

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Sorry your dealing with more ANS problems--- :unsure: It sounds like the procedure---including the drugs has caused your ANS to react in defense mode. It looks like another thing you'll need to ride out dear. If you feel worse contact the doc, and tell them they need to help you out.

I hope your loop recorder helps give you some answers. Mine didn't help much, but it did reveal some PACs, and PVCs. It looks like my ANS issues are secondary to the EDS and spine compression.

I pray you get some smart docs to help you out, so you can have a more functional life.

Keep us posted dear.

Maxine :0)

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maxine :unsure::lol: i had my loop donwloaded monday and it showed my Hr several times at 30bpm.. at various times of the day and night.. I'm going in again next wk to get my loop downloaded again....

there was some debate on my recording b/c there where some sensitivity issues going on with the recording..(not really sure what means).. BUT i guess we will see as time goes on with the loop being in.. I mean i dont know how there can be debate with a HR of 30bpm multiple times ya know?

anyhooo... near syncope is a little better.... and i hope it chills out very soon!

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Dizz, with a heart rate of 30bpm, they need to be putting a pace maker in you. What are they thinking?

You know that song on the Wizard of OZ-----------("If I only had a brain").

Dizz I think YOU could probably get your medical degree and figure it out yourself before these Docs use their noggin.

I know your too sick to handle going to medical school-----but you know what I mean----lol.

They don't seem to be helping you out.

I'm glad your near syncope has gotten a little better.

Maxine :0)

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