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Mikes Just Been Awarded A Blue Parking Badge.


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This afternoon I called the Uk's Blue badge parking people and spoke to them about Mike my son , after sometime explaining about POTS and how it affects him and how he is trying his hardest to 'fit in' and 'be normal' at college , well he's had to give in as pain is just raising its nasty little head and bringing him down.

He came home at 4:00pm very upset today, he say trying to talk to me hiding his his bottom lip from quivering , he tried to explain that he feels an outsider in the group of the 17 young people who are on his 3rd year course at college. One of the reasons may be that the head of this course has made cruel and unjustified remarks about Mike in public ;) calling him .....wait for this one .......FAT !!!!

FAT ...............er excuse me Mike is over 6 foot tall and is well within his normal range , how dare a so called head tutor call my son names in public, what is wrong with him ?

Want to read something really shocking ??? this head of course is believe it or not a magistrate in the UK .......yes a man who sits and passes judgement on criminals , he's also the head of this 3rd year course and quite honestly you would have thought a man of his standing in the community and at the college would have known better................Mr B M****** you are a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself.

To say such things to a lad who is unwell and struggling ever day with this awful condition is just tottally and utterly appalling and I'm ashamed that the college would let such a man be in charge of young vulnerable people .

My son has worked hard to get into this 3rd year course , he has battled on when he's been unsteady on his feet , had blood pooling , sweats, dizziness and such pain in his legs he's not know what to do with them , yet instead of giving encouragement ...........he's put down.

Shame on the college for allowing such a thing to a disabled lad of not even 18 years old who for no reason of his own has been dealt this horrible hand .

And to add to the insult , guess what ?????

Having been given a blue parking badge he's now been told that he cannot park in the designated disabled bays because ............other people may want to park in them , who could be are worse off them him ..............excuse me ????

Who gave the college an instant diagnosis kit, who gave the college the right to say that a lad with leg and heart conditions ( Pots) is any less affected than a girl with the same or a man with crutches or even worse someone who is conning the parking people into getting a free badge!

A disabled bay is for blue badge holders ..........all blue badge holders, not just the ones they think deserve to use the facility's...........angry , angry :D tomorrow I go armed to see my sons college and this Mr B M and if you do not hear from me for a few days its probably because I've stressed myself out so much I've taken into hospital ......................I will not have my son discriminated against .


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I'm so sorry that your son (and your family) has to put up with this crap.

Not every disability is visible. I personally was just awarded a blue handicap badge (in the US- but the same thing) and it's AMAZING what people will say because they think you don't deserve it. It's even worse when you're young (I'm 24) because they assume you are using some "old person's" badge. Believe me, if I didn't have to have this, I would be so grateful. I wish those people could spend a day in my shoes and see what it's like to live with POTS and EDS before they judge me. The whole "worse off" thing is bull. I've been told that too - like "will those extra 100 feet kill you." My usual response is something along the lines of - you walk 100 feet with a dislocated hip and tell me what you think. His doctor felt his condition was severe enough to warrant that badge - he should use it - no question.

That dean should be taken to task! It is completely and totally irresponsible of him to say those things. Does he have a superior that you or your husband could talk to - like the dean of the school? At the very least some statement needs to be made to this dean. Perhaps your husband or yourself (if you're up to it) could speak with this dean in person about his hurtful comments. Yes, I realize this is college, but if I had a problem at college my parents HAD to get involved or nothing got done. It's amazing what happens when the people who pay the bills speak up. Good luck to your son. (And try to breathe.)


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Jeez! That sounds so crazy and frustrating. Ego power trips from those who don't even try to understand are so incredibly frustrating! I hope that soon someone there will be more understanding and get things worked out. Do you have disability laws there that give you rights to certain things such as parking etc. That you can use then to say well, he has a right to this, so you can not take away that right... I do not understand how someone with a badge can be told they can't park there! What are they going to do? If he has the badge in his name then they can't ticket him or tow the car, that is the point of the badge, I thought.... :) If they don't have enough handicapped spots, then maybe they need to provide more... :o

I wish the two of you luck! :P

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I'm in shock at just how terrible some people can be. It's terrible and so sad.

I was just handed the blue "badge" and plates last week, and I really hope I don't run into intolerant peoples on campus. They can really hurt a person a lot, emotionally. It's bad enough having younger people shout "mama's boy" or "freak" to a disabled person that can't live safely on their own.

I hope everything works out well for your son, and that jerk gets a serious sanction for his discrimination.

Best wishes,


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