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Update On Sara


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Well, the doc called in an antibiotic for Sara and she took the first dose---well---she had an allergic reaction to it. She looked like she was sunburned, and itched to the bone, had chest pain,and generally felt terrible. She called me around 10:30 PM and relayed this info, so I immediately called her doc's answering service, within 2 minutes, her doc's associate returned my call and said to give her benedryl and watch her for a while. If she got worse or her tongue and throat started to swell, get her to the ER. Well, I got dressed, jumped in the car and took off to her house. She took the benedryl and it helped a little, but at least she wasnt getting worse. Also made her an oatmeal bath and let her soak for a long time.By the time she had taken the second dose of the benedryl and it had gotten into her system, she started getting some better. I called her doc the next morning and he called in a new antibiotic which she has taken numerous times. She began it and voila,, no reaction. So now she seems to be doing better,but she still has the temp going up and down, so we'll see what happens. Thank you all for your kind concern, and I'll keep you posted. Take care, all and hugs to you----Susan :)

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