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Any News On Maxine?

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Thanks for looking in on me!

I did it! It's out------------------but it wasn't easy.

I had to wait and wait, as the oral surgeon removing it is also a facial surgeon, and he was busy.

I got there at 1:00pm, and didn't get done until 4:30.

The oral surgeon had to break the tooth in half to get it out. He applied a lot of pressure, and at one point I thought he was going to pull my jaw out with it. I don't think he was very kind at all, but the rest of the staff was. He put in about 2 or 3 stitches as there was more then then usual bleeding. The pain is kicking in now, and the pressure from pulling it has cause more then my usual pain with my CCI/neck stuff.

It looks like I did OK on the carbocaine so far. If I do Ok the rest of the night, this is a big break through, because I'll be able to tolerate this in the future. It takes about an hour to wear off, but about 4 hours to clear your system.

Those stiches at tight--- :)

Thanks for all of your support, and understanding. You all made me feel brave enough to get it done with your thoughtfulness, and caring words. A lot has gone on that has affected my trust in the medical community---(not just me, but my family, and those of you who have had the same struggles.), so it was emotionally draining.

Today I got to meet the nice young resident who took the time to call me yesterday. He is such a kind and caring person, and was very receptive when I offered the EDNF-(ehlers danlos national foundation) brochure to him. He said he was going to put it on a board where all the students can see it. I also discussed dysautonomia/POTS with him as well.

The oral surgeon pulling the tooth was rough, and did not adhere to any of the protocol for EDS patients in regards to the inside of my mouth. The rest of the staff was very kind and caring---especially the woman who sectioned my bridge.

The pain is getting to me, so I'll take a break from typing.

Maxine :0)

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Congratulations on getting this behind you! I'm so sorry that it was so difficult to get that tooth out. Mine came out so easily. I was hoping the same for you. It sounds like so many of your medical support staff were open and willing to learn....Maybe you paved the way for the next patient with special issues. Rest and heal.



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