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Help With My 'full Body Crash ' Sessions .


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OMG ........................my hubby is dancing about ( as best he can ) with a big smile on his face !

Why your all asking :huh:

Well yesterday 19th August 2008 I had one of my crashes..............woke up after a really bad night of pains and headaches , to be met by :

Excessive vomitting , a headache when I lay down but that goes when I stand up :) chronic sweats out of control, chronic leg pains , blurred vision, excessive urinating , excessive fatigue and looking like I should be choosing a plot in our local cemetery .

Mark , has been searching the net for months looking for help with this problem as it leaves me in a state of total 'crash' and unable to eat, drink , walk, talk or see..........and he seemed to think he had recently heard on the TV about something to do with the olympics and this , well he was right !

Apparently its called a 'full body crash' and athletes get this when they have been excessively training and they get a very bad in balance of thier body sugars and salts goes out of control. So hubby hearing me talking to him up there on the big white telephone did a hop and skip to our local chemist and bought a pack of 'Dioralyte' and after 1/2 a sachet going down and 1/4 coming back , then 1 sachet going down and 1/2 coming back ..........you get my drift :( well in the end he got 2 whole sachets of the stuff ( mixed with warm water and some juice as it tastes so yucky) down of me . :P

As I normally suffer from this once it hits me for anywhere between 24 hours minimum and 60 hours maximum ..............I'm in shock as after jut 8 hours it stopped ............... :o:o:o to say I'm in shock is an understatement !!!!!!

So I've just emailed my doc with what happened and am now asking for a supply of this sugar /salt mix for any further body crashes.

Mark is so pleased that at last he's found something that will help me , it makes sense doesn't it , if my body looses sugar and salts .....for what ever reason and I go into one of these crashes , well putting them back will stop it dead , and it did .

Ami .............lookin like she's in the land of the living again XXXXX

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Hello Hollie.

OMG someone else who gets them as well , not that I should be happy that you do :o but knowing that someone else suffers exactly like me helps when I natter to my own local doctor and soon this new doctor who's a' fully paid up POTS man' ( English terminology )

I dont know what this is called in the USA but on the box the 6 sachets came in it states

Quote: 'Fast and effective replacement of lost water and body salts'

Its normally given to people who have chronic diarrhoea , like when you've been abroad and caught some awful bug and you end up sitting on the loo losing all you stomack contents one way while trying not to sick in the handbasin :) my that brings back memories of a Madeira holiday with my dad :huh: !!!!

I've just checked the ingredients list and it contains: Glucose.......Sodium Chloride....Potassium Chloride and Disodium hydrogen citrate and some flavouring . So may be if you put these ingredients into google with 'what is ........................then the list I've given you , well it may come up with a list of names for this stuff , one of which may be available in the USA.

Hope this helps :o .

By the way , when this happens to you do you get any warning signs its coming ? or do you like me just wake up with it , I always wake up with it and have never had a session start at any other point of the day , which I find most strange .Also I've not done anything the previous day , like not drunk enough or eaten something different or over done it .........we can think of NOTHING that triggers mine off, and I've had SSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO many of these episodes and each one is just sole destroying awful, I dont know about you but I normally need 24-48 or even 60 + hours to get over one of these and get back to my normal ( of thats what you call it ) silly self again.

Lots of love AMI

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