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Anyone Ever Had Remission Of Symptoms For A While?

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Has anyone ever had slight remission of symptoms my hr usually goes up to atleast 120 upon standing....... I have an excel document ive been taking for the past 2 weeks and for some reason since saturday my hr has only been going up 5-10 bpm upon standing......... I pretty much know it will go back to the normal 120 bpm instead of chillin at 85 90bpm so this is a pretty nice break. episodes still occur but pots symptoms are starting to go slightly into remission. It's pretty cool watching this excel document. When it flares back up I want to see what it does so I have that info for my doc....... Has this ever happened to any of you.....

Simple Yes or no answer ;) if you want to fill in the reason why it could be doing this that would be amazing ;)

Just more pieces to the puzzle.

P.S. This has happened to me before, just wondering if any of you all have had this... and maybe a slight explanation to why.

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Yeppers. POTS stuff worsens for me when my general health does, if I'm burning the candle at both ends, not sleeping or eating well, very stressed OR when I have a big health issue brewing that I may not be aware of until it's critical: gallbladder, massive uterine fibroid, major allergy stuff, etc. When POTS flares, I have to take inventory.

Hope yours lasts!


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I would second what Julie just said. When I take it easy, I don't feel as awful all of the time, but if I try to be "normal," ie work a full-time job, handle stress, etc., then my symptoms flare up and knock me back out of the game for a while.

I don't know if you could call feeling semi-okay when not engaging in a normal life "remission" but, my symptoms do abate.

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If I drink my chicken broth, lie down for a bit each, sleep okay - then my heart rate is very well controlled. I may get tired but a heart monitor would show nothing funky. However there are times when I do all the right things and I still feel potsy.

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