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Pots, Pregnancy And Severe Nausea!

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My team of specialist consulted with one another and decided that if my fiance and I wanted children that now was the time. I found out that we are expecting last weekend! My main POTS symptom has always been nausea. I feel like I've gotten hit with a mack truck since I found out I was pregnant. I am super exhausted and very nauseated. Last night I spent the night in the emergency room because I couldn't stop vomiting hour after hour. The ER doc said welcome to morning sickness and that I could expect more of the same for at least the next 7 weeks. They pumped me full of IV fluids and then two doses of Zofran, one dose each of Reglan and Phenergan until my body wasn't completely wracked with vomiting and dry heaves. I have had POTS for almost 10 years now. Has anyone else had POTS then gotten pregnant and had my same experience with nausea? I guess I am looking for a glimmer of hope that this whole pregnancy won't be sooo bad! I am getting married in seven weeks and feel too sick to do anything :D

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