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Sorry hon... I know all about those too. Yuck. I'd way rather have an upper endoscopy. The prep for the colonoscopy is just the worst. Stay as hydrated as you can and rest up afterward.


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Guest Sandy Sims

Ok guys I KNOW you are all gonna think I'm nuts here--but what else is new! <chuckles>

Early on I had lots of burning tummy troubles--but a scope showed nothing--tho the prep durn near killed me! So I get on Aciphex--and have tried all the others as well. Ok it works but it's NOT a drug you should stay on forever as it cripples your body to EVER handle acid on it's own.

I also have that hernia that makes GERD worse--not that there's much you can do about it.

Anyway, as a result of constant need for UTI antibiotics and Herpes antivirals (I have hyperadrenal dys) the tummy meds became a problem--since they can interfere with antibiotics.

I digress.

A friend told me a little secret that has been a miracle for me. Apple cider vinegar. http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publi...r-vinegar.shtml

Just a tablespoon of the stuff works wonders to stop the acid reflux. And, for me, after a few days of it the problem went away completely. Now it's just my "once in awhile" fix.

Ok I said up front you'd think I was crazy. But a bottle of the stuff costs under a dollar--swallowing a tablespoon won't kill ya--put it on a salad or dilute it in some water if you must ( I diluted it a bit a first to stop the sting on a VERY raw stomach lining).

But I swear for me it gave almost instant relief! What a shocker!!!

And even stopped the problem completely within less than a week!!!

The doc "pulled a face" when I told him this--but was VERY releived to have one less "symptom" of mine to deal with and said,"Go with what works for you!"

The way I see this is we've all got to hang together here--or we'll all be hung separately!

Doctors at a loss as to how to deal with us can get us going with tons of drugs--then drug interactions--and side effects that can be worse than the troubles we have to start with--and those are PLENTY bad enuff. Then the docs get frustrated and dump us--or quit sceduling follow up appts--or get that "attitude." The more we can do to help ourselves with some of the zillions of symptoms we all face the better off we'll be.

<getting off my soapbox now> :huh:

As always I hope this helps someone!


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I take the phosphate soda......

"Fleet Phospho-Soda Solution

Generic name: sodium phosphates (SOE-dee-um FOS-fates)

Fleet Phospho-Soda Solution is used for cleansing the bowel before certain medical procedures. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

This medicine is a saline laxative. It works by pulling water from the body into the bowel, which helps to soften the stool and cause a bowel movement."

I have no problem taking it its the horror afterward, :huh:

I'm sure the capsule causes dehydration also, tearose.

Sandy thanks for the tip, I have polyps tho.

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Guest Sandy Sims

Sorry--maybe I wasn't clear--or got off topic accidentally.

AppleCider vinegar isn't a purgative to prep for colonoscopy--it's a treament for GERD and tummy burning.

Sorry to hear of your polyp troubles--hope it all works out well for you and you feel better VERY soon. :huh: I just had this last year and prep REALLY is tough! But my polyp is gone now so I guess it was worth it.

Feel better soon!


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