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Man you have a bad day and the world's going to end, my whole life has been a train wreck, so I wonder what THAT means. Welcome all newbies from an old gramma on this site!

Where's my CHLOE????? I need my avatar back and have no idea how to get it there...will need the aid of my hubby. She left me a year ago this month, so it stands to reason she's off, but I don't like it.... :)

Well I've had a trying time, lost the house sort of, we do have offers, but the bank is trying to get us down, got a cold sore the size of New York that made me sick as a dog (I will always hate the guy who lended me his chapstick in the dark when I was 24 and when we got in the light I saw it on his lip, I never even kissed the bugger and he still gave me one off his chapstick, how pathetic is that) Thankfully I only get them, knock on wood, about every five to ten years, but they save up and make me absolutely miserable. My computer has taken forever to get up and running, my inner ear has become the monster in the closet, for real, and now I am in "vestibular rehab" where they make you do everything that induces vertigo and vomiting and you pay them to do it! I only pray it will help.

I got started on a new drug for my PP, so they are messing with all my drugs, how fun. I think I know what a migraine feels like now. And Jake informed me he stopped his meds a couple of months ago....So if he wants to be a 3 year old at 26, I will be doling out those meds, by gosh and by golly.

So, I have to get up to snuff here, when my eyes focus and my head's not in a bucket. I've been having a lot more arrythmias and I'm still waiting for summer and it's the middle of july. OY. Whereis that global warming, because it's sure not where I live! I'm sitting here in thermals for gosh sake...

So, I am attempting to get back on board, but may be spotty for awhile. hello to all, young and old, new and oldie moldie golden gassers...morgan (am I the only one who remembers that phrase?)

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Wow...can't believe your luck. Hope things start to turn around for you. Pun intended with dizziness issues...sigh.

Sounds like you are living in Bizarro world and thought this cartoon appropriate with the Meniere's and the times and the prices and all. Tie another knot in the rope and hang on.


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welcome back to the forum world Morgan...

sounds like you've had more than enough to be dealing with too

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Thanks all, I absolutely love the cartoon, it is so appropriate. I know others lives are much worse, but sometimes it's hard to remember that.

I can't believe all the new folks, I didn't hink I'd been gone that long! I'm hangin in there and hope most of it was taken tongue in cheek as it was intended...I need a potassium... :( morgan

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Guest tearose

Hooray, it is morgan!

I'm going to bake a batch of my best banana potassium bread to celebrate!

I hope you get that head out of the bucket for good and that you feel comfortable in your new surroundings very soon.

welcome home morgan, feel better soon,


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