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Our Newest Furry Baby, Moja


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Okay, something good has happened, although still exhausting b/c Moja is 6 mos old and VERY energetic. I think I forgot how naughty Wilbur used to be!!!

Moja is Wilbur's half sister (they have the same daddy, but different mommy). She's a sweetheart.



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Wilbur and Moja are both Savannahs--which is a hybrid (like a Bengal). The African Serval is the cross with a domestic cat to create a Savannah--and mine are both F2B's. That just means they're 2 generations from a Serval, and the B means that both the mother and father are Savannah's. Bengals are a cross with an Aisan Leopard Cat and a domestic cat--the resulting Bengals are smaller in size than the Savannah and have a somewhat different personality profile.

I picked the Savannah b/c they are loyal to their owner like a dog, and smart.

Wil and Moja have become fast friends. Wil was upset the first few days and hissed at her under the door (they were only allowed to meet this week). But already, they're running and playing together, and I think Wil is smitten. He's now cleaned Moja and they've fallen alseep in one big ball of cat.

I also still have Abbigail (Abbi), who is retired to her own room, where she likes to sleep and be visited for a little while, and then she wants her food or sleep again (which I TOTALLY understand!).


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Beautiful kitty Nina.

It's so nice having these beautiful creatures around to keep us company--- :)

I love my Spencer who is 3, and Samantha who is now 15, and still playing like a kitten. I took her for a check up recently, and she is doing very well for an old gal. My dog India plays with both of them like she's a cat too----sometimes little kids think she is a cat---lol.

Have fun with the kids--- :P

Maxine :0)

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Wilbur is totally smitten with Moja. He doesn't even try to go to the places that used to be such a fight to keep him out of (like the basement utility room) because he's always looking to see if Moja is coming with him, and if she's not interested, he stays put!!!



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What beautiful cats!!!! Funny I was just looking on the interent yesterday at breeds of cats. We just recently took in a stray kitten (about 4-5 months old). It's taken some time but she is finally coming out from hiding and getting used to all of us in the house. Now we are just waiting for her to venture upstairs to stay with us. She's only interested in staying in the basement and having everyone pet her under the dresser!

Congrats, those are some beautiful pixs!

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Aren't those cats very expensive and hard to get? They're so beautiful! I know a couple cat collectors and they love Bengal breeds. You're lucky to have such wonderful babies =) I love my kitties too.

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Yes, they're hard to get; the breeders are very cautious about who they'll sell to b/c this breed can be very "headstrong" and you have to be able to be consistent with training them--kind of like with some breeds of dogs. The worst thing is if one of them ends up in a shelter, or is put down b/c the owners can't handle them. They're definitely are not a typical domestic house cat,--they require lots of exercise or they'll make their own activities which might keep you up at night. We now have baby locks on nearly everything that you would have for a toddler, except our locks have to be on the high cabinets too--cause my kitty toddlers can jump 8 feet! They have dietary concerns that exceed the average purebred animal, and require special veterinary care such as knowing which vaccines are unsafe for them and which are okay to give.

As for cost, they do cost a bit more than the average cat from a breeder, mostly b/c it's common to only have one or two kittens per litter, and the mommas require more care in order to carry a litter and deliver healthy kittens. We saved and saved a long time, and I gave up on replacing my car this year to pay for Teri's kitten, Moja. But Moja has changed Teri's life, mine, and more than anything, Wilbur's life for the better (you can see that from the photo above--if you can picture it, he loves her even MORE now). I can't imagine a day without them.

These can all be similar issues to Bengals, so your Bengal-loving friends will understand.

In any even

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