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Mike's Passed His 1st Year At College With Merits.


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Hi all,

I'm just so happy , Mike my son who's been suffering bouts of Pots for over 4 years now and has been struggling at college ...................passed his 1st year , not just passed on a level one pass................nope, level two pass.............nope.

But he passed on an overall Merit pass ( some distinctions , but mostly merit awards) .

Yesterday he went to the college for an interview for years two/three and when he came out of the interview room and walked down the corridor ( all dressed up in his YSL jeans and black blazer) his face was a picture :P a huge grin from ear to ear :P as he explained he was well qualified for years two/three and the tutors are so pleased with him .

Anyhow , after some talking and a lot of thinking Mark and I have decided to buy him his first 50cc scooter so he can get from our village to college and then uni after that .

You can imagine the excitement here now.................all he and his mates ever talk about is bikes!

Most of his local mates have 125 sport bikes ( secondhand ) poor Mike has been feeling rather down about this , when we said he couldnt have one of these because if he came of the injures he may get would be far worse then his mates , takeing far longer to heal ( something I know from experience) so Mike was going around feeling like he was getting a poor deal ..........................until today :o

Having passed his first year so well I then let him into a secret .........................????????

He's getting a brand new either bright red , sapphire blue or black scooter with matching jacket , trousers a really smart and 'cool' looking full helmet , matching gloves and boots that his mates would die for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you could say my son is now the envy of his mates and as most of them have had to scrimp and save to buy thier own bikes with no help from parents at all , I've have had a number of them asking if I'd like to adopt them and when can they move in :blink: mind you as half of them spend more time at ours then there own homes and I know more about them then their own parents do , well I feel like a part-time mum to most of them anyhow :P

So, I've got one very happy lad here at the minute, having passed his first year easily and being able to go back to college in September on a smashing red ........or blue .............or black bike and all the matching gear , well I dont ever think I've seen my son grin so much !!!!!

Boys, honestly ...............dont you just love them .

Willows, mum to 3 and adopted mum to so many very tall 16-17 and 18 year old lads !!!!!!

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congratulations willows and mike!!! i am very happy for all of you and wish i could see mike drive around on his new scooter!!! i bet the girls will be fighting to get a place at the buddy seat!!!


corina : ) (i do not undersstand, but somehow i seem to have lost the emoticons???)

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Guest tearose

He sure worked very hard to do so well with these merits and deal with his physical challenges.

He should be very proud of himself.

Good wishes to him and your family willows.


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Thank you all for your replies , as soon as Mike is sorted and has his scooter I'll take a photo of him for you all to see.

At almost 6 foot now , with bright blue eyes ( takes after his mum :) ) dark hair and a slim build Mikes is looking rather 'handsome' to say the least and he has many a young and older lady casting eyes at him , but Mike is not interested (or so he says !!!!!) all he wants to do at the minute is get his career of the ground and get some help with pain control and lack of energy , plus get his bike .

Some of you may be aware that Mike wanted to be a police officer since he was 4 years old, but with his health like it is and problems with his knees and leg pain , well he's had to do a side ways step and is now on a long and very lengthy road to becoming a 'Forensic Scientist' .

2007 started One years Public services at level 2 .................. passed with flying colours :P

2008 starts Two years Public services at level 3 .................September 2008 to June 2010 :)

2010 starts Two years foundation degree in Forensic science Fdsc at Plymouth University..............starts September 2010 to June 2012 :(

And then......................

2012 starts Third years Forensic science degree Bscs (Hons) at Bournemouth University ...............starts September 2012 to June 2013.

Which should have Mike qualified as a Forensic Scientist and able to work in the private sector based with the police or take this further and specialise in a certain area of Forensic ................. B)

Basically he started the road in 2007 aged 16 1/2 with just his GCSE results and will finish in 2013 aged 22 with a Degree in Forensic science .

Both mark and I are backing him all the way , it doesn't matter how much we have to go through to make sure that Mike gets his degree , Mike is the light at the end of our tunnel and we will help him all we can .

I inspect every single piece of work thats for college at the minute and if I think its not 'up to standard' then I assist Mike or show him whats not quite right or how to lay it out better each time , and its paid off because he's not had a 'pass' on one piece of work so far ( a pass means its OK, there are 2 levels of pass, level 1 and level 2 ) .

I cant wait for the day when Mike shows his own father and that side of his family that with hard work , determination , and understanding anything is possible .

Willows a very proud mum of a smashing boy . :P

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  • 1 month later...

Today was a very emotional day for both Mike and I ............he got his brand new bike and all the gear and did his bike road sense course.

As we live so far out and there are so many 'grockles' on the road I had to be Mikes escort home and we did a victory drive around the village !!!!!!!

OMG he looks so smart with his bright sapphire blue and black bike , black/white leathers and blue/black/white helmet and it really was difficult not to burst into tears on the spot when I handed over the keys to him .

Pride is a huge lump in my throat and my hubby trying to look like he had something in his eye !!!!!!

If someone can suggest where I can put a photo or two of him , then you can all share this moment with me , I'm sending Corina a set of photo's and if anyone else wants to see email me at home .


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congrats to mike (& to the proud parents)! regarding where to put his photo(s), you can email it/ them to dinetphotos@yahoo.com and Katherine (MomToGuiliana) will post them on the "Faces of Dinet" page. if you don't have the link to "Faces of Dinet" yourself send a PM to Katherine & she'll send it to you. the info about it is in a post at the top of the Chit-Chat forum (direct link to the post is http://dinet.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=1107) but you still have to email Katherine for the link as this keeps the site more private.

hope this helps,

:) melissa

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