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Insomnia And Other Increased Symptoms...

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I have recently dealing with an increase of symptoms including insomnia. Most is probably due to the Adderall, but today I was finally able to sleep and it was because I lowered the temp. inside and the air was on all day, and the humidity is noticibly lower.

Do, others have difficulty sleeping if the humidity is high? Do many people require a dehumidifier etc? I think I had about the same, but opposite problem in the winter, where there was a lack of humidity that increased my symptoms.

I just can't afford to have the air on all the time... Any suggestions or thoughts? :)


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You can keep the blinds shut during the day, open the windows at night.

You can cook on the balcony in a slow cooker or an electric pan.

Open the fan or the window when you take a short shower.

Hang your clothes to dry on the outside your house.

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I have problems with everything when the humidity (and the temperature) is high. I run the central air in my house as well as a small window air conditioner in my room. Even so, my body seems to just KNOW that its nasty outside. Even though I have not stepped out of the door of my doubly-air conditioned house in the past two days, I've been feeling really bad. All symptoms are worse, and the freakin' headaches are wanting to start up.

Last summer, our central air died. Ofcourse, when your air conditioning goes out, there will always be a heat-wave. Its a law of nature. I went from bad to worse within the few days that it took us to get a new unit installed. A day longer, and I think I would have ended up in the hospital. I was needing oxygen just to keep my chest and head from feeling as if they were going to explode.

As to not sleeping...for whatever reason, I tend to usually feel better later in the evening and at night. I'm usually at my best around midnight. Make of that what you will! Anyway, I think I'm up a lot at night just because its when I feel just a little better. Who wants to sleep through their "good" time?

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Oh, and as to suggestions for energy conservation:

Definitely keep drapes closed. In fact, make sure you have heavy drapes. We are putting up what's referred to as "black out drapes" on all the windows at the back of our house as this is where the heat comes in during the afternoon. We also want to do another layer of insulation in the attic. Because of my need for constant air conditioning, our electric bills are astronomical in the summer. Most of the things we do that would help our houses stay cool in summer will also help them be easier to heat in winter....and I have little doubt that natural gas costs are going to be on the rise, too.

Humidity does bother me....sometimes, when it isn't even that hot outside, I'll turn on my window air conditioner in my room just long enough for it to sort of de-humidify a bit. It really doesn't take that long. Maybe that would help you...could you turn the air on for about a half hour before you go to bed?

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